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Like many the anticipation for the new Marvel film, “Blank Panther is all the rave among Hollywood, and everyday people like you me. Even if you are not a super hero movie type of person, reviewers state you want to see this movie. “This movie is for everyone,” says premiere goers. So what can you and I do as we wait for one of the first mostly all black cast super hero movies to arrive? We can marvel at the details that make up this exquisite cinematic story. The Black Panther costumes show nothing short of power. I’m sure most of us are excited to dress in our best “Black Panther costumes” and make a bold statement of support. Whether you simply want to look chic, or literally and buy a mask from amazon. You can’t deny  the beauty, strength, and power they bring to this epic film.

Black Panther Women Have Power

Black Panther Costume and inspiration for women


Like you, I sit and I wait for the release date of Black Panther , but  could not help realize the power and poise the women have that leap from the posters into our souls. I see Angela Basset-Ramonda  and immediately I want to bow my head in respect as the still images show her constantly standing with her head held high in a hat that signifies a crown of royalty. I can’t help but allow my mind to wonder about the thousands of women and girls that will see this movie and will leave with a new token of confidence from the women in this movie. I can tell even from the women’s  facial expression that they are prominent forces and mean business in their roles in the movie, You will not only see these beautiful actresses draped in beautiful clothing, but movie goers will get a rich visual in show casing rich African garments. Each character and their roles are matched perfectly with the appropriate clothing for the characters they play.

The Black Panther Movie Costumes: Women Edition


Nakia is a War Dog, a Wakandan spy often embedded in countries outside of Wakanda to observe and report
back. She must decide whether she should be guided by her duty to her nation on or her feelings for T’Challa. – press release

I love the golden and sometimes colorful tones that you see Luptia in in this movie. Her character doesn’t seem to be overly sexy and attention is drawn to her strong shoulders.

Black Panther Costume and inspiration for women Black Panther Costume and inspiration for women



Okoye is the head of the Dora Milaje, the all-female Wakandan Special Forces. She is the best fighter in Wakanda
who is not named the Black Panther, and she is fiercely loyal to the throne. -press realease

A bald head on a woman is one of the sexiest attributes in my opinion, because it always represents strength and courage. The beautiful wardrobe that Danai Wore showed she was a force to be reckoned with. The particular dress shown here, gives her just enough sexy but keeps your eyes drawn up to her beautiful face.

Black Panther Costume and inspiration for women Black Panther Costume and inspiration for women



Shuri is T’Challa’s little sister and a smart-mouthed tech wizard. She is second-in-line for the throne behind her
brother and is the smartest person in Wakanda—the top sciencist and the innovator behind the Black Panther’s
updated suits and technology.

LeTitia Costume keeps up with the theme for the women characters of strong and tribal and then she has moments of  elegance and  simplicity. Her wardrobe compliments the wit of her character.

Black Panther Costume and inspiration for women


Breaking the color line

Black Panther is not simply a movie about a Super hero saving the bad guys. It’s a movie that makes a bold statement for people, but an even bigger statement for women. It may not exactly be  vocally explained, but the movie boldly expresses confidence and assurance in who we are as women and how black women should feel. Is it really that deep? The answer is yes. How many times do you hear about the fight to represent darker shades in makeup, movies, music and any other place that lacks rich hues? Providing a universal voice in a Super Hero movie such as Blank Panther was genius. No matter what color you maybe, if Marvel movies are your thing, then it’s your thing. You simply won’t be opposed to seeing a great movie that was created. Providing powerful imagery to appeal to a mass audience with dignity is one of the most genius things I have seen about the Black Panther Movie. Seeing strong women with darker skin helps to normalize what beautiful is. Beauty comes in different shapes, sizes, color, clothing, and ages. Thank you Marvel for helping to expand the spectrum.


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