Ultimate Travel Guide to St. Louis Missouri

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St. Louis is a beautiful city to travel to for a girls trip, family trip, and whatever other combination you can think of. I’ve actually been to St. Louis at least a dozen times when we were stationed in Ft. Leonard Wood Missouri with the military. But, I have never seen it in the way I saw it my last visit and I think you need to see it this way too. The city is  vibrant, and  full of heart. While there is more to see and understand on a deeper level, I appreciated the community I felt from everyone I  encountered. Seriously even my  Uber driver was a vibe.

Unique Hotel to Stay in St. Louis: Union Station

As soon as I stepped foot out of my Uber, I was intrigued by the historic Union Station Hotel I was staying in. The inside of the building did not disappoint. My eyes where drawn up at the beautiful ceilings and arch ways. I’m going to get straight to the  point. You want to stay here for the nostalgia and beautiful opportunities for photos. Listen, this is the instagram era right? This Station was built in 1847 and I love how it still stays true to its original architecture.  When I made my way to my executive suite room I  felt special and I like to feel special when  I stay in a room.

What makes me feel special?  Having a  clean unique room. we’ve all stayed in a  basic  hotel that has  all  the standard things. But I loved the  way this room was decorated. I loved the details, such as stepping up 2  stairs for the  bathroom area. The hotel room wasn’t overly modern. I will  say there was a cold draft in the room that caused  me to have to use the heat. which was as easy modification. I love the antique touches that reminded me of the history of the hotel. The Union station actually was a train station many years ago. You can even see curated light shows on the ceiling

Fun Things for adults  to do in St. Louis

Aquarium- The aquarium is full of  beautiful exhibits to see. Its a smaller aquarium and the  price van range from 25-35 dollars depending on the day. Always remember to call or check their website for verification. If you are visiting without  kids, for a date day or just going alone, I  would suggest going during their slower times by also calling to ask. in my experience early mornings or lunch times can provide a more adult experience. I loved how  beautiful and calming this aquarium felt as  I walked through giving me a  moment to think and enjoy the beautiful aquatic life around me.

Riverboat- If you know me then you know water and a scenic view if the way to my heart. So if you’re like me try out The Riverboat in St. Louis. You get education about what the river is and was used for. The Riverboat cruise is also a great way to see the city and the infamous St. Louis Arch. Don’t worry it’s perfect for a great picture moment. You will be able to follow them and chose  one of the fun themed boat rides they host  through out the  year.

St. Louis Arch/ Museum- Speaking of the Arch, it is America’s tallest monument. It stretch 630 feet  into  the  air. You’re able to get into an elevator tram and ride to the top to see 30 miles of views. It’s such a beautiful experience  to be inside such a tall moment. Beware that the tram is a smaller space and people who don’t like being in smaller spaces  may have a little  bit of an adjustment with this ride. The entire experience takes about 10  minutes up  and down.

My favorite part of the Arch is the museum that  is connected to it. The museum has gone through a major renovation since the first time I visited in the early  2000s. I love a museum that educates and educates its visitors honestly. So with the renovation I notice that the museum tells a more well rounded story about the history of St. Louis which includes black residents and workers. I believe whatever city you live in or visit, being aware of its history shows you how far they come or if they are  standing  still. I think this museum shows their  progression.


Sports GamesSt Louis  is not sure of activities including Sports. I love how the Arenas are built to be a part of the city skyline.  St Louis has a new soccer team and soccer arena that is state of the art. For example, you can visit one of their markets  to get a snack without a cashier. A camera tracks your movements, you pay before exciting getting back to the game quicker. St. Louis also has a baseball team and hockey team so you will never miss getting your sports fix.


What to Eat and  Drink in St. Louis

City Foundry STL Food HallIf you’re looking for a place to eat in St Louis. The  City Foundry is a great place for those who can’t decide what to eat. There are so many options you might have trouble picking just one thing. This food hall is filled with different cultural options. my favorite thing had to be the fried ravioli and the homemade ice cream  pops. As you probably can tell you can get a range of food from savory to  sweet and a little in between. But that’s not all the city Foundry offers, if you’re looking for entertainment check out their VR room. also connected to the City Foundry STL is an upscale indoor mini golf restaurant. Speaking of mini golf this was one of the most fun and aesthetically pleasing mini golf restaurants I have been to.  They have a technology that tracks your golf swings similar to Topgolf. So if you’re looking for a Vibe and a good time this is the place to go

Olive and OakOlive and Oak is located in the suburb of St Louis. it’s a beautiful upscale restaurant with innovative meals. You’ll experience fresh cocktails, delicious food and a beautiful simplistic atmosphere. If you have the chance like I did, you can catch one of their exclusive private dinners  that are paired with wine for each course. For me this was a way to try new food that I may not pick on my own and see what  wines pair with certain foods. Please note that the menu is set for  that night. 


Still630One of my favorite places that I visited in St Louis was Still 630 .Still 630 is a distillery owned and operated by David Welglarz.  You could tell that the owner was very passionate about the business.  I am the type of person that looks at the heart of a business and you can really see the heart of the business of still 630. from the excitement of how they formulate their alcohol all the way down to the  individual barrels that they make for special occasions. I admire David for even making sure the root of the company shows in the company name. How the company name is spelled is Reflective of  St Louis And the numbers are reflective of how big the St Louis Arch is length and width. On the weekends they do offer tastings of their Spirits  and different events throughout the month. so be sure to check their website for more information. 




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