The Ultimate Myrtle Beach SC Family Vacation

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I’m the type of woman that will find balance and travel in every area of my life. My family is no different. My husband and I realized that we have been so busy, that we had not taken a family vacation in a while. So we decided since we were visiting the South, to take our children to Myrtle Beach South Carolina for a family vacation. Let me tell you, when we were young and in love, we dreamed about all the places we would take our future family. I’ll paint you a picture, There we were visiting the Myrtle Beach Ripley’s Aquarium, walking hand in hand. I lean over to my husband and say, “I can’t wait to show our kids this one day.” And the rest is history, No need for a long story. My loyal readers know I like to get straight to the point. By the way, If You are new, welcome to the sisterhood village.

Fun Kid Friendly Hotel in Myrtle Beach

Where to Stay in Myrtle Beach: Going on a family vacation to the beach is different than when you go with just you and your partner. When you takes kids, it’s important  the hotel is accommodating with things for the kids. Such as activities and a great pool area. This is a beach we are talking about. Our Family opt’s to have a beach front property to be able to over look the ocean. You will find that most of the hotels are beach front properties, and you should not have a problem finding something in your families price range.

Courtesy of Crown Reef Website

We opted to stay at the Crown Reef Resort and water park because of it’s kid friendly features such as a game room, and the water slides they offer. As mentioned before it is right on the beach so that s where we spent most of our day. In regards to the appearance of the hotel. I felt like the lobby to checking looked better than the actual room. I am a hotel snob so I took in to consideration that some beach hotels are harder to upkeep the fixtures. The room was clean and comfortable, but certain things like the balcony and bathroom gave me motel vibes.

What kids will Love about the Crown Reef

When we weren’t at the beach, they were in the pools and lazy rivers that are housed on the property. If you care for kids, then you know convenience is very important. Especially if you have multiply children. My kids loved waking up at the ocean front hotel every morning and sitting on the balcony watching the waves. We had a routine of eating breakfast at the buffet in one of the onsite cafes and then heading to the pool.


What to Do in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Walk the Strip– This is slightly an affordable way of getting the highlight of Myrtle Beach. The night life and attractions are on the strip.  You will see Arcades that have been around a while with older and new games. I would wear comfortable shoes and find a good parking spot and enjoy it during the day and at night. But, Make sure you stop by one of the piers along the way.

Eat– Food will always be delicious when it involves seafood. You are on the cost , enjoy the food. My tip is ask the locals, where they like to eat to offset the “tourist cost.” Remember that if the sign or advertising says Calabash, it means that everything is probably deep fried in a batter. Also Paula Dean now has a restaurant located In Myrtle Beach in the board walk area.

Eating on the boardwalk Myrtle beach

Visit the aquarium– I have been visiting the Ripley’s aquarium with my husband ever since we were teenagers and dating. I love the exhibits with the wild life. And depending on what time of day your go, it can be very romantic, for a young couple. For couples, lat in the day, close to closing is what I suggest, or the “off Season.” But as a Family with Children, most kids will love going through the beautiful over hear tunnel filed with all sorts of fish.

kids at Ripley's Aquarium Myrtle Beach SC

Excursions– In Myrtle Beach you will find tons of things to do, from shows to water sports. Since we had smaller kids we opted for a boat ride. Toward the end my kids lost the thrill because being on the water for a long period of time on a sail boat, was not as exciting. I found the sail boat to be relaxing and scary because of my fear of a shark eating me and my kids lol. Tip: Always look for a deal or coupon and if you have a short trip, don’t get stuck doing timeshares.

sail boat Excursion at myrtle Beach SC

Beach: This is the most Obvious thing to do and it cost you no extra money and guess what, kids can stay at the beach all day.

Woman on the beach in Myrtle beach SC

If you have ever been to Myrtle Beach, let me know about your experience? Tell me your favorite places to visit there too. For my husband and I Myrtle Beach is home, but we get to experience some thing different every time we are there.



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