Top 10 Projects Using What You Have at Home

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Many of us are in our homes wondering what we can put our hands to. We have cleaned our home top to bottom and have eaten all of our snacks. But for us, Cricut fans know that in times like these crafting brings us peace. Being home constantly is both a blessing and difficult, especially if you have children. I know you have thought of every craft to do with your kids complete with a coordinating Pinterest board.

woman wearing Stronger than a mother DIY hat

But if you are anything like me, you have to find a “me time” moment any way you can get it. That is when I looked in my office and decided to use what I had at home to make something that was just for me. Nothing too fancy and something that didn’t take a long time to complete. Because let’s be honest homeschooling that or kids have been whirlwind into waits for no man.

In my office, I found an old hat that you can purchase here and so leftover holographic Iron. I made a cut design that said, ” Strong as a Mother,” because Positive words and affirmations keep me and maybe you in positive spirits as we push through a worldwide pandemic. You can try My design or just make something fun by yourself or with your kids. Just get up and get creative. Here are some of my favorite projects using things you have in your home already.

10 Fun Project Ideas to do at Home Now

  1. Infusible Coasters
  2. Lunch Money Pouch
  3. Cute Card with Ice cream design
  4. Funny Kid Socks
  5. Desk Drawer Labels
  6. Tea Bag Covers
  7. A Cute Libray Tote Bag
  8. Rainbow Bookends
  9. Personalized Shoes
  10. Throw Pillowfor your Couch or Bed
  • Bonus Don’t Forget to watch my Instagram video on how I made this hat.

I hope that during this time of quarantine you remain safe and positive. Creativity will definitely help with keeping your mind occupied and busy. But it will also help give you relief and bring you closer to the one you love in your home. I encourage you to pick a fun project from the list about using what you have. If you don’t have something, improvise and don’t sweat it. Thanks for reading


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