“Thriving at Thirty: 20 Must-Do Adventures Before the Big 4-0!”

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Hey friend hey! As a beautiful 35 year old woman who is constantly re-evaluating her life. I decided to make a list of things I want to accomplish before  40. Because what is life if you aren’t actually living it? I can’t tell you how many times I have fund myself in the should have, could have phase.The longer I live the more its  set in my mind how precious life is and tomorrow isn’t promised. But this  isn’t a sad song, it’s a declaration to  keep  on keeping on in the best way possible. Ready to make the most of your thirties? Here’s the ultimate checklist for living your best life before hitting that big 4-0. Let’s dive into…

“Thriving at Thirty: 20 Must-Do Adventures Before the Big 4-0!”

1. Spontaneous Getaway to an Unexplored City

  • Grab those last-minute flight deals and explore a new city before the big 4-0 hits.  I tell as many  people that will listen, I will ride on any airline that treats me  well and safe. I don’t have a problem following their rules. So depending where I’m goingI will ride on Spirit with a backpack  and collect memories that will last a lifetime! Explore the next state or two over like I did in Texas last year.

2. Try a new hair style

  • Stop being scared to try something new with  your hair. Make sure to consider the health of your hair…and your edges. But try some color, braids, a nice cut, extensions, or change  they way  you part your  hair.

3. Launch Your Side Hustle with Passion

  • Turn your passion into a side gig or explore freelancing opportunities. It’s not just about extra income; it’s about pursuing your dreams. I can’t tell you the number of  things I try business wise. That is what I  love about me, my love to try new ventures out. So yeah, I’m taking that quality into the years to come and I encourage  you  to do the same.

4. Conquer a Fitness Challenge Like a Boss

  • Aim for 30 burpees a day or set a fitness goal that challenges and transforms you. Document your journey with pictures. I made a goal for myself to transform my body and get healthy, I want to see what I  look like with defined muscles. Its not too late to look and feel your best. My motto is one day at a time and it’s ok to start over. Who gone check you?

5. Go Skiing

  • Unplug, unwind, and rediscover the joy of skiing down the slopes in the cold. This has to be exhilarating right? I don’t know but I want to find out. A cute little outfit while I threaten to quit from falling down. Skiing sounds like a fun time and I honestly don’t know any one personally who skis or snowboards.

6. Volunteer for a Cause Close to Your Heart

  • Make a positive impact by dedicating your time to a cause that resonates with you. The sense of fulfillment is immeasurable.

7. Host an Epic Dinner Party

  • Showcase your culinary skills and create unforgettable moments with friends. Good food, laughter, and connection—it’s the recipe for a perfect evening. Believe it or not I have this desire to being my hosting era, which I’m starting now. I  can be very protective of my space and that barrier causes me not to entertain as much as I would like. I’m ready to make my food boards and all.

8. Master Your Signature Dish Like a Pro

  • Impress your loved ones with a dish that reflects your culinary prowess. Bonus points if it becomes a family favorite!

9. Learn the Art of Saying No Without Guilt

  • Prioritize your well-being by politely declining commitments that don’t align with your goals or values. Some people in your life need to hear the word No. People please can not come with me in my 40s. to be honest it can’t  sit with me at 35 either.

10. Craft a Financial Plan for the Future

  • Adulting doesn’t have to be intimidating. Develop a budget, focus on savings, and explore investment opportunities for a secure financial future. Don’t make someone raise money for you  or your children if something where to happen to you. Plus going on trips while still maintaining your everyday life is going to take some planing. Go  ahead and get  your finances in order now so it’s not a burden or question later. *Cough* let me call these student loan folks.

11. Get hair removal

  • Ok don’t come for me to  hard but waxing your lady parts   can  be a torturous thought. So  woman up and release the shaving  of it  all.  Add this one to your before 40 list sis. Personally  I would also like to get some form of laser  hair removal on my face and under arms. I feel like you only really  need hair on your head, eyebrows and nostrils.

12. Dive into a Fun Class for Pure Enjoyment

  • Whether it’s pottery, painting, or something more unconventional like underwater basket weaving, embrace the joy of learning. I thought to myself, when is the last time I just learned something fun? Just something I want to learn simply because I like it. 30s for me is about learning more of who I am, even the tough parts.

13. Reconnect with Long-Lost Friends

  • Reach out to that friend you haven’t spoken to in ages. Share stories, laughter, and perhaps create new memories together. Only  do this if there is no trauma from the  relationship, unless your goal is to make  amends. I believe in that too. But connecting with people you can have fun with is good for the soul.

14. Start a Gratitude Journal for Daily Reflection

  • Cultivate a positive mindset by jotting down things you’re grateful for every day. It’s a simple practice with profound effects on your well-being. I literally write and sort out my desires on paper often. Some call it  vision boards and such. There  is a  method to  the madness if you will. I have seen God show  up in my life in more ways than one.  I even  pray in writing, for some reason I pray better in my  thoughts  and  I write  them down as it  comes.  I  feel connected to God in my writing. Try it!

15. Upgrade Your Sleep Sanctuary for Quality Rest

  • Invest in a comfortable mattress, blackout curtains, and other sleep essentials. Quality sleep is a gift to your body and mind. If  you are going  to the  doctor, they are  always asking, how is your  sleep? Because sleep is important. and if you  aren’t starting now to  create healthy sleeping patterns , it no telling  how that is effecting your mood daily. So  having a hotel style oasis, but better is my vibe. I have actually already started this.

16. Declutter Your Space and Your Mind

  • Let go of the unnecessary physical and mental baggage. Create a minimalist haven that fosters clarity and peace. I’m  all  for a good mental reset and peace. mental peace is in my top 5  of must haves daily. The older I get the better I  want my mental health to  be so I can live in my  fabulous and 40 era, I hear it’s kinda care  free for some.

17. Attend a Live Event for a Burst of Energy

  • I had an epiphany one day, about musicals. As a kid I hated musicals didn’t really understand the reason people sang rather than just say the words. Well I just carried how I felt into my adulthood and I’m old enough to know you don’t always like the same things. So why was  I carrying my old dislikes   around like baggage? Who knows! That brings me to  my point I want to see a few musicals and go  to  a broadway  show because it  seems  like something I would be into. We will see  after i go and I’ll report back.

18. Experience a Digital Detox Weekend Retreat

  • Disconnect from the virtual world and reconnect with yourself. It’s a rejuvenating experience that resets your perspective. Constantly looking at peoples opions online will  have you  suppressing what you really think about life. Some times it  causes you to live in an alternante reality of what life really means. So getting one of those little cabins in the woods or a beach condo without  picking up my phone is  a top goal for me.

19. Draft a Bucket List for Your 40s

  • Dream big! Outline the adventures, goals, and experiences you want to conquer in the next chapter of your life. This is some of my list, bust  as mention  before, there is nothing like writing a list and checking things off. It’s one of the gifts you never knew you needed to know you considered your wants and desires. Women give so much and before you know it, you have forgot what you like or even if you still like the thing you  use to  like.

20. Celebrate You – Because You Deserve It

  • Throw a fabulous party, embark on a solo adventure, or pamper yourself with a spa day. You’ve earned every moment of celebration!

As you dive into this bucket list, remember: Life is an incredible journey, and your thirties are the perfect time to lay the foundation for an extraordinary future. I’m in no way saying rush where you are,  I’m saying, “sis enjoy  the journey and BLOOM.” What’s on your must-do list before turning 40? Share your thoughts and aspirations below, and let’s inspire each other on this fantastic journey!


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