30 Amazing Things to do with your Girlfriends This Year

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I’m all for bucket list and just crossing fun things off in general. But how many times do you plan things to do with your girlfriends and everyone is confused. No one knows what they want to do or where you all should go. *Raises Hand* It’s not that you aren’t creative enough to think of a plan. It’s the fact that we have escaped our children, husbands, boyfriends, jobs, family and whatever else for this epic day or weekend. Now that we are here, no one knows “how to act” as we say in our family. No worries, Eb has you covered. I Know all too well when you don’t have at least a plan and it results in disaster. One thing I learned from my trip to Vegas is to always have a plan. So whether it’s a cute day trip, a couple of hours, or a weekend grab your girl(s) and do something fun.

Thirty fun things to do with your girlfriends this year,

 A list of 30 Things to do with your Girlfriends

  1. Eat at a fondue restaurant
  2. Go to a gun range
  3. Visit a different themed spa (Korean Bath House, Roman spa)
  4. Go on a group bike riding outing
  5. Have an in home spa day (everyone can give a spa service, or pitch in to hire services to come in home.)
  6. Try an escape room (google it, so much fun)
  7. Try an Indian restaurant
  8. Visit a unique art gallery
  9. Take an art class
  10. Take a group cooking class
  11. Go wine tasting
  12. Go to a show or event (concert, movies, even Church)
  13. Go to a local coffee shop (suggest a new book and discuss it at the coffee shop,like a mini book club session)
  14. Go shopping (duh) but try boutiques, or second hand stores. You never now what you may find
  15. Try an amusement park (so much fun without kids lol)
  16. Hot yoga class
  17. ladies name night (complete with karaoke and Truth or Dare.)
  18. Beach day (inexpensive and fun to just relax).
  19. Cooking competition (pick an item and everyone has to make a dish out of that item)
  20. Outside game day (play kick ball, baseball or any other sport, keep it light and brink lunch)
  21. Host a confidence photo shoot  take turns dressing up or down and capturing your friends in their best light.)
  22. Go ice skating or regular skating
  23. Try laser tag
  24. Have a tea party or go to a restaurant that hosts them Southern cities have these gems).
  25. Host an in home wine tasting event ( your friends bring their favorite wine, you have food prepared).
  26. Take a day trip to a near by city and explore
  27. Have a Hawaiian luau for no reason at all ( most of these affordable party items can be purchased on amazon)
  28. Play water sports at home or at a park
  29. Go horseback riding
  30. Go out on the lake or ocean (most places you can take short water tours, find out what your area has)

Finding things to do with your girlfriends does not have to be a daunting task,  whether it’s at night or day,it just takes a little bit of planning. Hopefully you got some great ideas from the above list and can start planning a girls day soon. Want more tips Check out my 100 Tips For the Woman who feels lost post. Until next time my friends….

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