Your Vagina Needs Something Different: Menstrual Cup Talk

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Right in the middle of my middle school band class, I got my period. How embarrassing is that: “What do I do now?” How do I fake going to the bathroom, so no one notices. How do I even begin to tell my male band teacher what is happening, because I’m sure I will be in there long enough to panic in private. “ I need to go home I think in my head.” Somehow I made it out of class into the nurses office and called my mom. Long story short, the thought of tampons scared me for some reason so my love hate relationship with pads started. Besides I had one of those, “you better not have sex or get pregnant,” kind of mothers. So the idea of her young daughter sticking things in her vagina, probably freaked her out. Yeah, I’m sure it did. Forget about something like disposable Softcups.

woman pictured with softcup menstrual cups for periods


Oh, you don’t know what Softcups are? Fast forward to life as an adult woman I have discovered the art of vaginal cups, I thought to myself, there is no way I’m trying these little cups, I’ll just stick to what I know. Then I had a solid talk with myself and decided I need to treat my vagina, like an adult, so I bought the disposable Softcup brand. Soft Cups are hypoallergenic, made without BPA, phthalates, or latex. It is also the only internally-worn product that is not linked to TSS. Yes! Can you believe that. This cups sits at the bottom of the cervix, to catch everything. You can wear it during any activity comfortably, including sleeping and sex. *insert side eye* They are more like menstrual disc which I prefer over the Diva cup, simply because it’s more comfortable and is positioned closer to the cervix. The Diva Cup and those like it are easier to remove because of their shape. Use a cup that you prefer.


My interesting Experience using a menstrual cup (SoftCup Brand)

Inserting The Softcup Disc

Girl, A learning curve was definitely in full effect here. I mentioned earlier that tampons were never my thing. So who the heck told me to go to one extreme to the other, I don’t know. But there I was in my bathroom about to do the thing. I positioned myself over my toilet and prepared to insert this small flexible  Softcup disc. I pinched the disc in the middle as instructed in the directions. This is done for easy insertion. When you fully insert the disc in your vagina going straight back it simply opens back up once it’s inside. I should mention here that I have tried tampons, I’m not a total weirdo. So I can attest that the insertion is different and a lot more comfortable. I walked out of my bathroom feeling like a new woman.I just accomplished some grown up stuff! But then…

How to Insert Softcup diagram

Picture Courtesy of Period.Media (Click Image to view page)

Removing The SoftCup Disc (Send Help)

It came time to remove the disc and I went into my bathroom and sat down on the toilet just as I had started. That is  when the bloody massacre happened. In my Kevin Hart voice, I wasn’t ready. I panicked, I stuck a finger inside to pull it out, but I didn’t know if it was still in there. “Did my body absorb it.” ”is it stuck,” “Oh Lord I’m going to have to go to the emergency room.” “ where are the directions, am I missing a step.” By this time I’m digging all around and have confirmed that the menstrual disc is still inside. My body didn’t swollow it whole. “ Oh goodness. I’m having a heart attack, I’m never doing this stupid mess again.” I read the directions and, it also confirmed that I missed a step. “Oooooh I’m supposed to push my pelvic floor down firmly as if I’m going to use the bathroom.” So I tried it. And it only took one finger to gently pull the cup out. It was literally that simple. Don’t be like me and forget the most important step. The bloody massacre inside my bathroom, should have not been apart of the plan. I thoroughly wash my hands, showered and went about my day.

Picture of Soft Cup and box


In conclusion  highly recommend using a menstrual cup or disc, because it’s safe and very effective. Like I said once you learn how to properly insert it and take it out, it will seriously change your life. Because it’s so safe and comfortable, it can be safely  left in for 12 hours at a time. You will be surprised how little fluid you actual express during your period compared to what you thought when using a tampon or pad. Some women also experience little to no cramping when using menstrual cups. I honestly notice this effect right away.  I used a pad to test the difference and started cramping within 20 minutes of wearing the pad. Some women just naturally don’t cramp…I’m not talking to you lol. Anyway, I’m happy to report, I feel like I have matured in my menstrual experience. *pats myself on the back*


Have you tried the SoftCup or any of the menstrual cups? What is your favorite?



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