The Absolute Best Restaurants Near Fort Leonard Wood MO

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There are many military families that come in and out of Fort Leonard Wood Missouri monthly from different places around the world. When you are traveling, you will notice this remote location in the middle of the woods and the beautiful nature that is around. But depending on where you are coming from, it can be a shock to see that once you arrive in Fort Leonard Wood, you won’t notice a lot of your bigger brand-named restaurants and shopping stores. Before you arrive at the gate of the base, you must travel through the small city of St Robert, known as the gateway to Fort Leonard Wood. This area is also apart of the famous Route 66. I remember when we first moved to the area, I thought.  ” Are there even good restaurants in St. Robert MO ?”

Restaurants Near Fort Leonard Wood MO

What will I do with Out my Chili’s, Chipotle, Chick fil-a and Red Robin? Oh, and let us not forget about Target, but that’s another story. But I am a woman of discovery so, what I initially thought of as lacking, I soon realized that this area of Missouri was filed with so many gems. And the biggest gem is a selection of locally owned restaurants mixed with restaurants that you may find specifically in the Midwest. Good people making good food. I must warn you, there are so many other Restaurants near ft. Leonard Wood MO that I have not tried, but these are the top ones popular among the locals, and myself of course. Let’s start with the Gateway, St. Robert MO Restaurants.

The Best Restaurants Near Ft. Leonard Wood MO

  • Mama Mia’s– A Greek Middle Eastern Restaurant. Their Gyro’s are a treat from the usually in this small Town.
  • Ichiban– A Japanese Hibachi Restaurant with a nice upscale aesthetic and affordable prices. Ichiban is a newer restaurant compared to what the locals are used to.
  • I Love Ice Cream– Not only does this restaurant, serve delicious specialty flavors, but they have the most amazingly crafted hot dogs, soups and sandwiches.
  • El Cabrito – I will get straight to the point. The Mexican Food here is crafted with love and quality ingredients’. My favorite is anything they add shrimp to, because they are so plump and juicy. Oh and the flavor in their food is spot on. I haven’t had a bland dish so far.
  • Nona’s Kitchen– American Home cooked meals that will have you leaving full and satisfied. My favorite dish here, is the creamy chicken Salad. But the truth is you can tell that the food here is made with love and from a chef that just wants to provide good food. Nona's Kitchen In Waynesville MO, Near Fort Leonard Wood MO
  • Ocean Buffet: There are a few Chinese Restaurant’s in the area, but Ocean buffet has a variety and it’s always fresh in my opinion.
  • Café Korea– This is Korean food at its best in this area. You literally feel like family when you walk in. You have the option to cook your food in traditional Korean BBQ style. The Bonus is they bring different ramekins of things like kimchi to go along with your meal. Tip: Try the lunch box special
  • Food Trucks (SWAT, Mobile Thai Kitchen, Brother’s BBQ) – The first time I was in the Fort Leonard wood/ Saint Robert area, there were no Food trucks, but that has all changed. There is now a Thai Truck, BBQ, and one that serves different American Foods. All these Restaurant’s on wheels are in St. Robert MO, Near Fort Leonard Wood, outside of the main gate.
  • Blue Earth Market– This establishment is not an actual Restaurant in Saint Robert, but it is the only health food store in the area. There are other stores that cater to farming and locally grown products. But this store is tailored to healthier lifestyle type of living. Here is where you will find your natural store fix that you would find in national health food stores. The owner really caters to the need of the customer.
  • Small Cakes– Small Cakes is considered a chain, but I put it here because there are not many dessert places in the area, and this cupcake and ice cream store can be easily over looked if you aren’t paying attention. Small Cakes is in Saint Robert, beside Domino’s pizza
  • Java Express: This establishment is a profound coffee shop local to the area. The owner makes scrumptious baked goods to accompany the delicious locally sourced coffee they serve. Also, this coffee shop provides lunch and breakfast that fills the bellies of the locals and military, that I can personal say, is delicious.Java Express In St Robert MO, Near Fort Leonard Wood MO
  • Dr Phil’s– located right outside of the main gate of Fort Leonard Wood. The best fried catfish hands down. What can I say… how about delicious. They also serve ribs and other comfort foods here.
  • Paradise Pit- Paradise Pit brings their Puerto Rican Flare to the area. It is locally owned, and dishes are packed with flavor and flare to fit almost every palate. Aside from their amazing Puerto Rican dished, they over their spin on American favorites such as truffle fries and wings.
  • Tom’s Meat Markets – Tom’s provides some of the best cuts of meat that you won’t find in your local grocery store. They take pride in delivering quality product to Saint Robert, MO and surrounding areas. Not only do they sale meat, but they also have prepared meals for busy families, in house seasonings, and many other convenient quality items.
  • Honey Child Please– By Far one of my favorite restaurants in Fort Leonard wood. This restaurant serves food that is flat out full of flavor. Not only will you get flavor, but a unique one of a kind spin on the best southern comfort food. You may look at the menu and say, “who thinks of this stuff?” and then you taste it and it make complete sense as a flavor profile. Do yourself a favor, run to this restaurant, and see what “Mrs. Honey.” Is cooking up.
  • PIzza- TK and GW pizza two local and delicious tasting pizza. I am partially to one of them, but both have great prices and the military is always in support of them because you can get huge pizza’s to feed an army (he he he) with out spending a lot of money. Advice: try these! Both ar located outside of the Main Gate of Fort Leonard Wood, MO.


There are great restaurants near Ft. Leonard Wood that are mentioned here and some that I haven’t gotten around to visiting, but one thing is for sure, don’t be intimidated by the small city, get out and explore exactly what this part of the Mid-West has to offer. You will feel right at home if you just open your mind to your new surroundings. Also places like Rolla, Lake of The Ozarks and Lebanon all surround this area and will provide a nice drive to explore more great places to eat. Now go and explore and leave a comment if you have ever been to these restaurants.


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  1. Brandy McCowen
    September 28, 2018 / 2:57 pm

    Bazaar question, but when my husband was at tech school at Fort Leonard Wood, he took me to a very nice restaurant that sat up on a big hill and overlooked the mountain area. Its been forever ago, but would you happen to know what restaurant that might be? Thank you in advance….

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