Trust Me, You are Doing Self Care all Wrong

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I have stated many times that I need quality “ebony” time. From girls days, personal days, to relaxing baths, with some good ole relaxing bath bombs and soap. I need to be able to function in the most productive manor for my self and my family. But you know what I have noticed, other woman need the same thing. You need to know how to care for you mind, body and spirit. In layman’s terms, you need to know when to rest and when to say enough is enough. As a woman in your own life, do you know when to say when? Have you figured out the things that you need to help you relax or things that you simply like to do?

That is what this website is about, when you come here, I want to provide you with content to help you in your own life. Whether you are single, married, or, It’s complicated. Women need to stick together, so sis, I’m telling you find your  “you time,” in the most respective way possible. What does that mean? It means don’t neglect your responsibilities to solely focus on you, that’s selfish.  But the best way is to try and schedule times that are specifically dedicated to you.

Start with a Bath

I personally love to take baths, but that is not the case for a lot of people. Some people just don’t have time or they prefer to take showers. If you are that person, take a long shower and try a nice relaxing shower bath bomb. The point of a special bath is to relax, think, pray and or meditate, without thinking of anything else that may worry you. I know you are thinking that is not an easy task. But if you set the mood with music, candles, your favorite book, and Some of the best bath bombs you can find. I can assure you, you are in the right mind set to start a self care regimen.

Remember self care is not only about relaxing with the best bath bomb and your fancy robe. It’s about complete wellness, you want to make sure that when you go about your day and week that you feel like you can tackle all of the things you need to accomplish weekly. Create a self care check list to do weekly or monthly as much as you can. If you aren’t the list making type, no worries, I have you covered with things that have worked great for me and other that I have encouraged with this list.

seven self care tips using the best bath bombs and soaps


Self Care Check list

  • Set Boundaries- Let’s face it, well all have people that need something from us. We also have people that claim to know what we need and how we need it. But the fact of it all is, it’s up to us to figure out who we are, and instruct others how to treat us. So Boundaries must be set. Let people know that you mentally need a break. or set appropriate times to invite others ideas and opinions. I’m telling you, it’s life changing. Usually  during the week, my friends and I share a mutual understanding that after 5 is family time for us all.
  • Turn Off your Cell Phone –  OK, maybe don’t turn it all the way off in case of an emergency. But just like with the boundaries, there needs to be limits on our beloved social media and things on your cell phone that may be distracting. Download an app to monitor your screen time to help you become more aware.
  • Pray/meditate daily– My most favorite and most appreciated suggestion that is constant in most of my blog post. If you haven’t whole heartily sat down and prayed and just embodied thankfulness, it is my opinion that you are truly missing out on total awareness. Their is something about being able to truly connect spiritual with God that provides strength and a release of pressure that can consume us as women. How do you pray? Just start talking to God. How do you meditate? Just sit and feel, then prepare to let go. Start there.
  • Participate in an enjoyable workout – You can’t get away from the physical part of Self Care. Releasing energy and stretching your muscles may be just what your body needs to fully relax. I know you are thinking, how can a tired body want to workout? but working out provides your body with energy and another opportunity to be better focused and think. Try this beginner exercise to get you started.
  • Say Daily Affirmations– I like to use short inspirational quotes to stay positive and quickly organize the way I feel. You know how, you may see a quote and think, ” I couldn’t have said it better myself.
  • Mind Dump – There are two ways, one write down whatever you are thinking, It does not have to be complete sentences or structured. Just write until you feel like you said all you have to say. You can be mean, happy, sad, or excited. Humph! you can be them all. Just write. Two, do the same as writing, but say it to a close trusted friend that you have built  this type of relationship with. Let them know you just want to say somethings in general and they don’t have to give advice in the end. Most people like to do one or the other, but both ways to mind dump are acceptable. I do both, but when I mind dump to a person, it’s mostly likely to cry things out, and I feel so much better.
  • Take a long relaxing bath, even if you don’t like baths, take a bath. Make sure it’s nice and appropriately hot. Seriously as I mentioned above a nice bath with your favorite luxury soap and some relaxing bath bombs are what you deserve at the end of a long day or week.

Real Quick, Why I sell Bath Products.

As women sometimes we overthink taking care of ourselves, making so many excuses, of why we don’t have time. The quickest way for a woman to create a self care experience is to combine something that she needs with something she has to do. Basically, we have to bathe and we need moments to provide ourselves with self-care and love. My mission for this platform will always be to cater to the total wellness and balance of women. Because I know how it feels to lose myself and I don’t want you to do the same. I remember walking around as a stay at home mom with cleaning clothes, wrapped hair, and a tired body. Baths were the moments I went to feel like a woman again. If you are looking to feel like a woman again let me help you…Click Here.


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