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Eating healthy is not a struggle for me, but it does come in waves which is extremely annoying. I can go weeks eating the right things, feeling good  and then bam, portion control is out.  Then burgers and pizza are calling my name and all of my hard work goes down the drain because now I have triggered a spark for more greasy unhealthy goodness. I’m  just being honest and letting you know how it goes. This is happening to most people trying to go down the right path to freedom of healthy living while utilizing portion control. Honestly most people also have the misconception that healthy food is simply not good. But I am on a mission to find meals that were good to me and create  longevity of healthy eating. For me, I’m creating a slow transition in making better choices.

Portion control ideas


Can Foodies Portion Control?

The answer is yes you can control what you eat if you feed your cravings correctly. For example, I like salty snacks mixed with sweet. So I found dark chocolate raisins and salt and vinegar almonds. Omg! They are so good, I don’t even eat salt and vinegar potato chips anymore. There really are good options to the things you love, you just have to invest in your body and find them. Once you have the food that you enjoy, now its time portion it out for perhaps, a work lunch. Planetbox was gracious enough to send me one of their lunch containers to get me started with my portion control. I am sharing with you how easy it is for me to portion the foods I like to eat. FYI: This container seems to be more for your cool lunches and snack. The advantage is eating more fresh foods.

What’s for Lunch?

PLanetbox portion control containers

The containers are stainless steel and come with different magnets and bags to suit your liking. I chose this one to share with my son.

PLanetbox portion control containers  I make sure to stay hydrated and switch up my water by adding flavor. This  steel bottle is my favorite.

PLanetbox portion control containers

This Lunch Idea includes pasta zero which is shirataki noodles, it comes in a small back 15 calories of two servings this is both servings. I use cucumber and pepper. Some days I add shrimp or chicken. I like to top it with honey ginger sauce and eat it at room temperature. before I place it in my box I boil it quickly let it cool and then pack it. Along with this meal I have a 1/2 cup of veggie soup and sliced apples and oranges with a honey lemon drizzle. (yummy!).

PLanetbox portion control containers

Lastly, one of my favorite simple lunches is chive and onion cream cheese turkey rollup, 1/4 cup cheese crackers, cucumber slices and the fruit salad mixture in the previous picture. For me, it’s balanced and I get the salty and sweet components I like in my meals. I only pray to get better but this is a great start in my opinion, What are your favorite meal options?

Find More information on Planet Box Here,they can also be purchased Here. Until next time….


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