Can You Hate President Trump and Be a Christian?

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I’m not really into politics all that much, but in today’s world, you really have to get involved. Even if you don’t want to be. I would prefer to stroll along in my little bubble, with my little family and pretend everything is black and white, while no one intends to cause harm. But what drives me these days to at least be informed  are my children. My two handsome black sons. The world means more to me because they are in it, It is my job as a mother to be informed about the world that I raise them.  Mr. President Trump is favored among many and detestable to a lot. The world seems to be divided right in half. One side is trying to figure why another would feel the way they do. But let’s be clear, my opinion of the man in office is not the nucleus of this topic, It’s prayer.

Should Christian’s Have a Voice?

Don’t click away now, you are already invested in this post. As a Christian woman I realize my responsibility is to be aware, educate and become active in issues that our society faces. It is important for me to have a voice of unity and not division, also to be a voice of reason and not confusion. President Trump’s state of the Union address should always be preceded in prayer for those who call themselves Christian. 1st Timothy 2:1-2 says that we must pray for those in Authority. Don’t miss-understand me, I think that everyone has a right to voice their opinion and have a voice in general. But your main task as a Christian is to first pray for your leaders. I know you are thinking, “why would I pray for someone who I don’t agree with.” Well pray those exact words to God and ask him to lead your thoughts and pray to God about what is troubling you about our country and president. Use you voice to uplift and do good, people are watching. This is the best act of who a christian is…leading by example.

Hating Mr. President Trump

We all know the answer to this without me having to write it. But I will entertain you. No is not a good idea to Hate president trump. At the end of the day, he is a human being with an opinion. As a Christian, we are taught to believe he is not the ultimate decision maker God is. With that said educating yourself on the politics that are discussed is a smart idea when debating on why he his policy and views are not your “cup of tea.” Hating the president will do you no good, Actions will take us far as a county. Respecting that everyone thinks differently and we can’t change people by simply talking.

5 ways Peacefully Take Action

  1. Hold a small forum with people with opposing sides. I would designate someone strong and professionally to mediate the event. Keeping it in small groups keeps the conversation controlled and less confirmation.
  2. Social Media is powerfully, use it for good and not negative. weekly show one thing you agree with politically and one think you may not agree with, Then figure out what small step in your community you can take to change it.
  3. Educate yourself before trying to argue your point. It’s not good enough to just not like someone, you have to know why.
  4. Vote. Voting helps a great deal when electing community leaders. Always let your voice be heard in your voting no matter what the outcome.
  5. Last but not least. Don’t forget to pray. As Christian’s we know it’s the best and helpful thing we can do for anyone.



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