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Who am I?

Well hello there, I’m Ebony, my close friends call me “Eb!” I am a God Fearing wife and mother who is rocking my journey in life.  Ok, you got me, only sometimes. My life is not all about me and that’s ok to say so I’m taking a piece of the internet for me and you. Women like us need a place to relax, be calm and pull it together. I’m also a writer, a thinker, a creative being, and a visionary. I see my life in dream form even when I am awake so I decided to live it. This blog is my third baby after my two sons.

I’m dedicated to making sure women win and are healthy, fabulous, and in a good state of mind. “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” is my motto. I’m great at creating tips to solve problems that women and families may have. My favorite place to be is on live video giving tips and advice on what I know or experienced throughout the day.



Eb, why Her Life on purpose?

I chose to name my blog with this title, because I told myself that I would never apologize for being who I am or any mistakes. I looked at myself one day and said,  “Ebony, learn from them and just simply do better girl.” In return my life is my purpose, it’s not a mistake. I believe that my ultimate purpose is to encourage, help people, and make them feel like they matter. If I can give you a little piece of that through my journey, well then, you will have truly blessed me.  But listen don’t let all this mushy stuff fool you, I’m just a softy :-). This is a fun place to grab a cup of tea or coffee and curl up and read something good like inspiration, health, travel, beauty, and family all from a self-care aspect. We aren’t selfish over here, so caring for others also helps us to become better people.

10 Random (very random) Facts About Eb

  • Proud Christian
  • Only have one sister
  • I have seen an open dead body donated to science.
  • My Grandmother is my favorite person.
  • I met my husband 12 years ago in high school.
  • I don’t like people touching my hands or feet because they sweat at random, even when I’m cold.
  • I prefer to not stay at hotels without white or light solid sheets and comforters. (sometimes housekeepers won’t clean what you can’t see.)
  • Eb loves comedy.
  • I have not broken a bone (knock on wood).
  • I don’t like to be in trouble.
  • *Bonus* I cry about anything, but find it uncomfortable when people cry on reality TV lol.

HEY! I love connecting with you on periscope, come join me over there to see what topics I dig into.


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