Create an outdoor “She space” in 10 minutes

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Creating a she space or area, is not a hard task at all. I believe every woman needs a place to take a breather at the end of the day. Especially when the weather is nice and inviting, like it requested your presence.. A nice clean space that has the things that you love and that will give you that, “ahhhhh,” moment you deserve.

mean green super strength cleaner and she space

I’m currently visiting my mom and I need to spot in her home that I can relax. Let’s all be honest, family s stressful and I don’t play games about my self care. My mom has an outdoor area and table and I can me my own. I only need a few things and I’m back n my element. I’m not going to lie, my new spot needed a deep  clean first. I used my Mean green mildew destroyer to get all of the muck off the table. *pause* Do you know how much I love the effectiveness of the Mean Green Cleaner line? *as you were* So here are my top 5 tips to creating a “she space” in 10 minutes.

5 steps to the perfect “She Space”

  1. Step one is to make sure the area is nice and clean– I like to use Mean Green Super Strength or Mean Green Mildew Destroyer. These cleaners get all of the dirt and grime of outdoor furniture. Just remember to read the labels and test it, if you are unsure to use on a furniture piece. Personally, the area has to be nice and clean for me to be able to relax, and Mean green is a cleaner I trust, because it, simply gets the job done. mean green super strength cleaner and she space
  2. Grab your favorite beverage. No matter if it’s water, juice or wine, put it in a fancy glass. Why are you waiting to use your “good china” for guest? Girl, pull it out for yourself , because you are special too.
  3. Prepare a snack or eat one of your meals – This is simple eat something you like, but if you have having me time moments often keep it somewhat healthy.
  4. Add a plant or candle– it’s something about fresh flowers or plants that make you feel good when it’s in view. It literally screams relax and breathe. The same with your favorite candle. I personally switch back between the two, and if I’m feeling fancy, I’ll add both.
  5. Grab a nice book. Listen I know everyone is not a reader. If you aren’t a great self-help book is great to read, because you don’t have to exactly read them in order. Quotes a great to read also. I know we all like our social media, but make a note to read something that doesn’t have the potential to stress you out.

mean green super strength cleaner and she space

Do me a favor and take these tips and take care of yourself today. Remember you don’t need a lot of money to focus on yourself and the things you may need. Self care and Love is important, make sure the area is clean and has the things you like to set a comfortable mood. If you are like me and visiting other’s , also remember you can make a little quite she space anywhere. Love you girl…


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