Life Insurance is a Good Thing: Let’s Talk

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I had a monumental birthday this year, I turned 32 and my Husband 34.  We celebrated with our boys, on a mini fishing trip. Ok, it was mostly their thing, but I loved being in that exact moment with the people I love. I get it, 32 seems like just another birthday, but it’s not. It’s another day to celebrate the life you have been given. It’s a day to reflect on all that you have and setting plans in place for yourself and those you love. Yes, growing in your 30’s is a big deal. Big enough to really start thinking about things like life insurance if you haven’t.




Why Get Life Insurance Now?

My Friends and I were having a conversation about how much fun I had with my family on our fishing trip for my husband and I’s birthday. Also, how much I could tell that my boys loved catching their first fish with their dad. I thought to myself, I have to make sure they have these life experiences no matter what.  I know I have to make sure that my children can still have the opportunity to go to college if they choose. I snapped out of my daydream as my friends and I continued the conversation about how we all were at different stages with our life insurance journey. Here we are, a group in our 30s having the same feeling to get organized because we know how important it is to educate ourselves and prepare for the future.

How to Start Your Life Insurance Journey

My Beautiful 32nd birthday and the conversation with my friends showed me that life insurance provides peace of mind for our families and ourselves knowing that they are taking care of in case something happens.  I’m so glad that Erie Insurance conducted a survey to show that most people just need a little more information about Life Insurance because a lot of people don’t have it. A big reason is that they think it’s too expensive. Guys, listen all you need to do is take the step to find out more so the people around you can still smile and have a little less worry if something happens to you. Head over to Erie Insurance’s Website to learn more information about Life Insurance and finding an agent near you. But while you’re doing that don’t forget to smile and Celebrate every birthday. 🙂



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