Learn Your Body: Choose How You Share It

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You would be surprised how many women “don’t look down there.” I sat with some women and had a conversation. I heard phrases like  “eww,” and “no I don’t look down there, why?” Depending how you grew up, for many women, it was taboo for women to be connected to their bodies physically.

I see women everyday show their bodies to the world and whom ever else, (nothing  wrong with that, if that is your thing) but they  don’t know who they are physically…or mentally. How can you give something you know nothing about? “Looking down there” is not just about seeing what  you  have, its about finding the  comfort and confidence within yourself. It’s about seeing  the inner you. It’s about knowing  how it works.

The vagina has all kinds of names, don’t worry I won’t bore you with the most common term. But that’s where it stops for most women…the vagina or whatever term you use. But there are many moving parts that we need to know about. So why Don’t women look down there to see  their labia, or their Clitoris?  Because we leave it to someone else to take occupancy over it.

Story Time: How I share My Body

It’s fascinating when other people learn about how comfortable I am with my body. The main reason is because I have domain and authority over my body, I only share it when I want, how I want and with people I trust. For example it can be perceived to one person that I’m insecure with my  body because I choose not to share it with them. It can be perceived to another person that I  have all the  confidence in  the world. But what really matters is how I feel about myself when I close the door. Do I know who I am and how I operate mentally or physically?

But sis, let me clarify before you take it and run with it. I’m not out here getting “nekkid” for folks(again, not my thing). I’m saying FOR ME normal occurrences like the pool, women’s dressing areas, being open among family and friends, or physical intimacy with your partner. These are situations where your level of comfort-ability or confidence can be judged. If a woman has on too much, she is too covered up. If she has on too little, she’s a “hoe.” To be more than honest, others opinions can shape the way you view your body. That is why you must get ahead of it and learn how to be comfortable daily. know how to manage and share your power. Body positivity is a daily thing that must be practiced daily until you master it.

For me I share and honor my body in the most beautiful ways that align with who I choose to be. Showing my legs and shoulder, wearing clothes  that accent my waist and walking around  naked in my home. Having sexual experiences that connects my inner-self and crosses over into something bigger than my mental comprehension. I view myself at every angle in mirrors. Lastly I look “down there” to see if anything has changed, to admire its beauty. To salute it’s power.

You are to be Admired

Knowing your body is harder for women, if they didn’t grow up in a home where they were made to feel comfortable. Being comfortable with your body, is how you become comfortable with your vagina. Admiring and learning YOUR vagina is how you connect to its power. A woman’s womb regardless if she bears children from it, is life giving. I know you’re thinking, why write a think peace  on comfort-ability with a vagina? Aside from being able to confidently communicate with your doctor when its time. Being aware of your body and vagina, will help you stand strong when it changes. It will help you persevere when others challenge it’s power. True love never dies and when you love every part of yourself, nothing can kill your dedication to upholding its sacredness.

Bring It Home Eb

Now you want to share your body and/or Vagina. You have learned who you are. You have learned what you and “ms lady,” likes. You have learned what throws you off. You have learned how to love yourself, even when you’re not put together. You have learned to accept all the flaws and beauty that makes you, you. You have learned the true meaning of loving yourself, because you are aware and you won’t let anyone take that peace and joy. You have now learned to only give to those who would be honored. If honor is not present then you are not ready to give or  they don’t deserve to have it  given. Dear reader what are we speaking of? sex, self love, self-awareness, confidence, vaginal health, over compensating, hiding,insecurity …something spiritual. Perhaps its all connected…perhaps. Remember Art is Perception


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