You are Just Like Kylie Jenner

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News broke by news outlet TMZ Kylie Jenner may be pregnant,  and her fans may be shocked. People who don’t care for their family may be saying “that’s what she gets.” This post is not about Kylie and her choices, its about the age bracket that she represents. The young girls choosing to live faster rather than smarter.

Don't be like kylie jenner

 How many Kylie’s in our community do we know?  The Kylie’s that don’t make millions of dollars and are constantly being taking advantage of as young women. Whenever I go back to visit my home town, I look at the girls around and wonder if they mean anything to themselves. A boy or man will whisper sweet nothings and make them never think twice about their standards. A change for our young ladies has to be made and that starts with us. We have to teach them that their worth is more than what the world tries to give them.



The truth is, most  girls don’t realize that the are being lead in different directions than they intend. All it takes is one situation and one person to completely change your life. You will have girls saying. “I’m not like that” or “I know better”. In this case they may say, “I’m not like Kylie Jenner until one day they have been mislead and their life has taken an unexpected turn. But let me be clear I have no idea what Kylie’s situation is or if her being pregnant was on purpose. All I can say is in my opinion from a viewers stand point being an independent adult was her goal.  That makes her no different than most teenagers. We rush to want to be adults that we never realize that we WILL miss being just a kid. That is my point for my young girls, enjoy the exact age and space you are because God willing their will be time to grow. All good things take time and patients, that’s a proven fact, google it.

What can we do?

Its simple actually, we think that we don’t have impact over the people we meet, well we do. I can’t tell you how many people say I have made an impact on their life, and sometimes I’m like, “who Me?” I don’t have daughters, but I have friends, a sister, cousins, and just girls I know and don’t know. But I make it a point to always try my best to be positive and easy going, except for my sister, lol I save all my tough love for her. Here are three easy steps:

  1. Love- Always approach  people with love young or old, no one will listen to you if your delivery is wack (yes I used that word).
  2. Be as relate-able and honest as possible without giving too much away, Teens will always throw something in your face if they know you did something they want to do. So be careful of your words.
  3. Change the setting, If a talk is too serious or feels like they are in trouble for something, the less likely they are to open up. My own sister has said things she was feeling, to my mother and I when we least expected it, because the mood was light and fun.
  4. Realize teens and children will mess up, as their parent guardian, or friend, always over positive advice and don’t forget to listen first.

Well That’s all she wrote folks. Leave some comments on what you suggest in talking to teen girls and check out my post on Confidence.



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