How to get your Home Clean for Winter

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It’s Fall and it came around so quickly, my head is spinning. It’s like I looked up and pumpkin spice had taken over the world. Brace yourself, there is even some Christmas stuff out too. So if you know what that means, it’s time for us to get festive whether we like it or not. But first I have get my home ready for the winter in the fall, Because winter’s in Missouri can do a number on your house. So here are my top 5 tips to get your home fall ready for cold weather States.

mean green degreaser and cleaner

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How to prepare Your Home for Winter: 3 Easy Steps

  1. Prep your garage– You may have done your spring cleaning, and put some of your fall and winter clothes away. Now its time to bring them back out and get them hung in your closets. But while your’re at it. Wipe down your garage with some cleaner and sweep for any dead bugs that may have collected during the summer. My favorite cleaner to use for this task is the Mean Green Auto and Garage Cleaner.
  2. Remove Garden Hose– It is essential that if you live in a State where it gets really cold and snowy, to always remove your garden hose. You don’t want your pipes to freeze and burst if they are attached to your house. If you are done with Lawn care for the season. Go ahead and wipe them off with the same Mean Green Auto Cleaner and store them.
  3. Wipe down your outside furniture- Mildew has probably accumulated on your outdoor furniture from the rain and heat of the summer. So I always wipe my furniture down, but  don’t store it if they don’t have cushions. I use the Mean Green Mildew Destroyer to get all of the grime from my chairs and tables. mean green super strength cleaner and she space
  4.  Prune Plants – If you have plants like I do, it’s best to cut them back. I have roses around the outside of  our home and I always cut them down to keep them nice and tamed for the next season.

As you can probably tell, it doesn’t take  whole lot to get your home ready for the winter. But there are steps such as the ones above that you need to make your life easier when spring comes around again. If you properly clean everything, every season, your home won’t have those yucky corner’s that you will dread even more.  Now who’s ready for a pumpkin Spice latte?

Oh by the way, tell us your favorite cleaning tip for the fall and winter months and check my last post about the perfect “she space.”


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