How I Take Better Care of Myself: You Should Too

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Every woman goes through the ups and downs of pouring more into others than she would herself. I am that woman and I know there are others that can relate to this sentiment. I spent two and a half years homeschooling my children and moving to a different state as a family. All of these changes caused me to focus more on those priorities than myself. As I mentioned this is more common than women may realize. But I’m so excited that now my life has shifted and I can focus more on my needs and interests.

 A Better You Self Care Tips

Read A Good Book: This is the land of Social media and fast information. I noticed that I had agitation if I didn’t glance at my phone at every available opportunity. I didn’t like that  I was so attached to my phone that I neglected opportunities to expand my mind in an uncluttered way. Like reading an actual hard copy of a book. Turning the pages and reading actual topics that I was interested in with the opinions that come with social media. I encourage you to rest your eyes from a screen and let your mind settle on a book that will benefit your  mood.

Be Sure To Take Your Vitamins: Listen, Vitamins is one of those stress free things you can do to boost your overall health in my opinion. What I mean By that is once you find a good one, you just take it daily and move about your day. As a busy mom, I have started prioritizing taking them first thing in the morning and setting an alarm. It’s so important to remember to take care of the body from the inside out. My current brand I am loving is Viva Naturals Women’s All In One Multi Vitamin. If you know me, I’m really into digestive gut health and I love that these vitamins come with probiotics included in them. That’s one less extra supplement I have to take. After a few weeks I noticed my energy lasted longer throughout the day. Definitely give  Viva Natural’s Multi Vitamin a try if your’re looking for a vitamin that can improve your overall health.

Take A Walk: I was in therapy(more on that later) and she suggested taking a stroll that is not necessarily exercising. When you calmly walk for 20-30 mins and let your mind relax and it can help you think more clearly and organize your thoughts. Let me tell you, this has become one of my favorite activities. Taking a nice walk and listening to a book or my favorite music playlist. Just as my therapist stated, it really does boost my mood.

More Protein Please: I know this one is unusual, but a lot of people such as myself are lacking a balanced diet that includes enough protein. No matter  what your source of protein is, it may help you increase your energy and over all well being, Think about it, your muscles prefer protein for strength and lasting energy. More energy creates a better mood in being happy and taking care of yourself. Your body and probably your mid would prefer not to crash in the middle of the day.

Have you Tried Therapy: In a nutshell, sometimes talking to your friends is not enough. Therapy is no longer taboo and a good therapist will help you organize your thoughts. They will assist you in getting back to the woman that we sometimes lose in the hustle and bustle of life. I love my therapist because it’s someone that holds me accountable in making sure I take care of myself. There is nothing wrong with having someone in your corner, giving you homework that is centered all around you.

Which Tip are you most excited about trying? Oh and if you try the vitamins, click the link and let them know I sent you. 


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  1. December 22, 2022 / 12:49 am

    Health is wealth and it’s really important to take care of it. Nice ideas you shared.

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