Hair Loss In Your 30s

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Before you start getting yourself worked up with hair loss, you should know that it is normal for a person to loose up to 100 strands of hair every single day. How will you know if you’re experiencing a normal hair fall or if your hair actually starting to become thinner? Other than attempting to keep track of how many strands you loose ( that could be impossible ) take a look at your crowning part. Does it seem wider than usual? When putting your hair into a ponytail, does it feel thinner in some areas? Can you scalp become more visible? These are common symptoms of hair thinning.

Sometimes your hair fall is a common thing not only for men but also women too. Unlike men who deal with receding hairlines, thinning hair among women can start at the top of their head, with a larger part and then it happens gradually. Not to worry though because in your 30’s, it is the perfect time to start taking action towards it. To help you get the root problem, below are some common causes of hair thinning as well as ideas to treat it.

  1. Vitamin Deficiency: I’m sure you have seen several hair supplements on the shelves when you are shopping. These exist for that reason alone. Vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, E and B12 can play a huge role in nourishing your hair follicles. This means that it can help your hair grow so skimping on these can drastically lower your calorie count and also your hair loss. Those  who tend to loose a lot of weight can also associate with hair loss too.
  2.  Over Styling Your Hair: Do you even remember what your natural hair color is or the last time you let your hair naturally tint itself? One of the most obvious culprits of thinning hair are the excessive use of chemicals from coloring treatments as well as using heating tools. These heating tools can be hair straighteners and blow dryers- which can weakens the hair shaft and makes your strands more prone to falling off. Try to give your over-processed locks a break and see if there will be any improvement.
  3.  Pregnancy: Now all causes of hair thinning are because of bad habits. For instance, it’s common for women to go through hair thinning during and after pregnancy because of hormones. During pregnancy your body has increased levels of androgen and estrogen which promote shinier and healthier looking hair. Normally 95$ of your hair is actively growing while the rest of in a resting period. After giving birth around the fourth to fifth month you experience sudden hair thinning due to estrogen plummeting. On a brighter note, the hair loss will normalize in time just as your hormones do.
  4.  Genetics: Again, there is truly nothing that can come of this if you have family members that go bald earlier than others, than you might be more prone to it. If this is the case and you’re noticing it even earlier than your thirties, talk to your doctor about various ideas to help.

Ideas to help you when you are dealing with hair loss ranges from pills to even non surgical treatments. Ill share a few below to give you some ideas if you are struggling and looking for answers.

Invest in A Quality Hairbrush: You might not think about this but your hair brush can be a big part about how many hair follicles it takes out of your scalp as well as not hurting it at the same time. Nobody wants to deal with a clump of untangled hair either!

Get a Strategic Haircut: Look into talking to your hair stylist about ideas that can make your hair look fuller. Check with friends and family on various styles that would work best with your style of living, how you work with your hair and what can make you feel confident moving forward.

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Image: Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micro-pigmentation: This is a new concept working with small micro-needles that mimic hair follicles at your scalp. With various locations all over the United States,  Picasso Scalp Micropigmetnation  offers you the confident boost you want with the best satisfaction rate out there. The specialists are artists with a deep understanding of cosmetics and what will look best on you. They will match the microdot tattoo pigment with your natural pigment for a flawless look so you do not need to worry about it not looking natural. The treatment itself is typically less painful than getting a tattoo. If you do feel uncomfortable you can express your concern and look into discussing micropigmentation in California.

 Switch Up Hair Parting: When your hair is used to your usual hair parting, it can become flat. Try a side swept part or a middle part to see if the different. For more volume, add dry shampoo or hair spray with a teasing comb!


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