6 Easy steps that will get you to the Gym right now

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Being healthy is such a tricky thing. I hear people say that it’s so simple. But tell that to a woman staring at a piece of cake and trying to figure out the best time to work out. This Super woman has been up all night, working on a presentation for work, or taking care of a sick child. Honestly, there is never enough time in the day. But Women always make it work, because we are amazing like that. Oh and let’s not discuss there are 50 million diets to live by and everyone says they are all right for you…. yeah let’s not discuss that. Ladies we need to talk about how simple it is to exercise and it all starts with your gym bag.

Top 5 things to put in Your Gym Bag

Ladies I know it’s hard to get to the gym. You are either too busy, tired, tired and tired. but I learned on my amazing weight loss journey(yes I’m tooting my own horn) to be prepared. Also I learned, don’t stress over stuff you don’t need in the beginning. Just start and start with the essentials. These are my top 5 things I keep in my gym bag. 

  1. Gym Bag– When you first start out exercising and going to the gym, find and gym bag that’s affordable. I use this bag because it was something I already had. It is a custom backpack I already had but, as I accomplish my goals I purchase new workout gear to celebrate. You need a gym bag, it helps keep you organized.
  2. Extra Clothes– I pack only an extra shirt when I go to the gym, because I go back home after my workout. But I hate for my upper body to feel cold with sweat. So I pack an “airy” sleeveless shirt. I love sleeveless shirts from Wal-Mart, because they are affordable and the material feels amazing. If it’s the fall or winter, I always have on a light jacket to throw on top of my sleeveless shirt. So pack extra clothes according to your preference and times you go to the gym. 
  3. Shoes– *Mic Check* Can you hear me? Do not compromise on shoes. If you commit to working out in your mind, then commit to your shoes as well.  A good shoe helps with form and your knees in the long run. These black and pink shoes by Adidas pictured above are my favorite for working out because they are super light and breathable. I’m not lying when I tell you these are my favorite shoes to exercise in ever! If you don’t have “top notch shoes,” you don’t need it to start, but get them as soon as you can. By the way my fellow bloggers Adidas has a new blogger community and affiliate program to become apart of a brand we know and love. Did you know that? well now you do.
  4. Water– Now Ladies, it’s always good to have water, and we all know we need it. Make sure you pack water to keep hydrated. you don’t need a fancy water bottle to go to the gym today, grab a simple plastic water bottle and get moving.
  5. Headphones– This is the essential item that will set the tone for your entire workout. Listen to a book, music, the news, whatever will motivate you and keep your mind off of every minute. My gym playlist honestly gives me the ability to workout longer than I initially think.
  6. Towel– I always keep a towel with in my Bag for the gym, because honest it breaks up your groove to walk possible across the room to grab a paper towel. Make sure you pack a towel to wipe your sweat so you can see your victory. You earned it.

You have the tips, so are you going to the gym today? By the way tell me your favorite gym essentials below.


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