Girls Trip: Three Things to do in Dallas Tx

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One night I looked over at my husband, took a deep breath and said, “I need a break.” He replied Ok and I proceeded to look up cheap tickets near me and found a 30 dollar round trip ticket to Dallas. Yes, it was Spirit airlines, and I was truly grateful because that’s all I needed. A good self-care trip to rejuvenate me. To be honest I would have went alone but I’m glad my girl decided to join me and connect with with me. We found three cool things to do in Dallas Texas.

Alchemy Face Bar

We went to Dallas to have a a relaxing weekend, so it was all about the spas . My favorite one that we went to was called Alchemy Face Bar. It’s a little cute pink house that is a decor and aesthetic persons dream. The owner really took her time to create a refreshing environment. The inside was a beautiful blush pink with natural wood and gold tones. Ok friend, enough about the decor, you really want to know about the service.

I got the clear and balanced facial and it did not disappoint. This facial was not too invasive but focused on detoxing my pores which I loved. I also added the cooling globes to tighten my skin up at the end of my service. What I loved most about my time at Alchemy was the service and the way our estheticians made my friend and I feel like family. Like seriously we joked and shared sentimental moments. But don’t worry we where the only appointments there and chose to be talkers during our service, you don’t have to.

Ride The Train

If you’re visiting Dallas for the first time and have no idea how to effectively get around, Ride the train in the heart of the city. The train takes you to the major parts of Downtown Dallas. And guess what?  It’s completely free and you can literally ride it around with out getting off. The train travels in a big circle. I got off thinking, every city should have a train like that. The cool thing is some of the trains are classic restored trains from different parts of the world. They include the history of where they came from. The great thing about traveling within downtown on the train is you can save on Uber. The downside to the train is it could be full after you stood a waited for it to come. So prepare for that possibility if you’re traveling with restless kiddos. All in all a great way to relax and see the city.

Eat At Fortune House Dallas Tx

Let me tell you, the people at Fortune House know how to do their food well. The decor when you walk in is clean and beautifully reflective of the Chinese culture. We sat at a quaint little table for two with some condiments at our table to add to our food. Speaking of food, let’s talk about it. The food was family style and I loved that for me and my friend. It’s something caring and vulnerable about sharing food and conversation with a loved one.




The food was so fresh and hot and I’m sure most of it  was made to order. I had the orange chicken which was sautéd with fresh oranges for brightness. Seriously the best orange chicken I’ve had. Our waiter told us that it is a popular dish and I see why/ I also had their famous dumpling plater and I was in heaven at the variety of flavors. Don’t forget to order the lychee lemonade to accompany your meal. The lemonade it top tier! I highly recommend this place. When you’re done walk the strip that it’s on for some causal sight seeing.

Have you ever been to Dallas Tx? What should I do next time I’m there?



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