Have you Tried Faux Locs Hair?

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I remember being a young African-American girl and going to the hair salon. There would be beautiful women of all different shapes, ages and backgrounds, coming to get their hair styled. As a young girl being able to see confident women walk in smiling and ready to engage with each other was a major confidence boost. These same women would leave out with short hair, curled hair, slick hair, braids, faux locs and even hair extensions. There is nothing that can compare to a woman that has just had her hair styled in a different way to prepare her for the week ahead.

Protective hair styles with wigs braids and faux locs

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Today as a grown woman, I still enjoy the art of a hair salon and the comradery of women that come together. But as a busy mom I don’t always have time and need to “make myself over” during times of the day when my children are sleeping. Also I need convenient ways to shop like on Blackhairspray.com because I live in an area where there are no good hair stores. One of my favorite reliable styles are braids or faux locs. I love the quality and diverse faux locs hair on Black hair Spray. Speaking of Faux Locs hair, this has become an over all popular hairstyle among black women for good reason. For this reason, you can have the beautiful style of locked hair with out the commitment

Different Faux Locs styles

  • Curly faux locs
  • Goddess locs
  • Straight locs
  • Wavy faux locs
  • Short and wavy faux locs
  • colored faux locks in any length
Curly Faux locs hair from black hairspray

Photo Courtesy of Blackhairspray.com

goddess faux locs hair from black hairspray

Photo Courtesy of Blackhairspray.com

Straight Faux Locs hair from black hair spray

Photo Courtesy of Blackhairspray.com

Why Purchase Faux Locs Hair From Black Hair Spray ?

  • organized website with brand names
  • quality products
  • competitive prices
  • over a variety of other products to help with faux locs installation
  • Free shipping over a $50 purchase
  • provides Faux Locs hair in many styles

What is your favorite faux loc style and what was your most memorable hair experience? Leave your comments below and let me know.


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