5 fall scents: transform the atmosphere in your Home

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Fall Scents, showing you how to set your home with scents that remind you of the fall, while setting a postive mood.

I just looked over at my rose bushes and they are turning purple and then looked over at a plant that I got last fall and a flower bloomed. I was shocked because I didn’t take care of this plant at all. But it got me to thinking that yep, fall is definitely near. The cool weather is needed after this hot and humid weather in the Midwest and on my vacation back to my hometown, South Carolina. You know what really makes me think of the fall? The warm fall scents that are associated with this time of year.

5 Fall Scents to Get Your Mood Right

Pumpkin-First up is most American’s favorite, the beloved pumpkin. For some reason everyone goes crazy during the fall and all the things pumpkin is incorporated in. Now, I grew up in the south and pumpkin in our family just wasn’t a “thing” except to place outside. I don’t consume pumpkin at all because I am not a fan of eating it. But I do love the smell of pumpkin scents in my home. So I usually will Burn a candle that smells like pumpkin.

 pumpkin Fall scents that help put you in a better mood.

Apple Cinnamon- Apple cinnamon goes hand in hand for the fall season which is a scent that also carries into winter as well. But I prefer natural apple and cinnamon as opposed to the artificial scents. For example getting a pot of water and bring the apples and cinnamon to a boil, allowing it to fill the entire room. Another option for those who ain’t got time to be over a stove, is oils to place in a candle or diffuser.

apple cinnamon Fall scents that help put you in a better mood

Vanilla- I Love anything Vanilla. It screams  colorful leaves and warm weather to me. Vanilla has to be one of my favorite fall scents. It’s not an over powering scent and it’s just sweet enough to make your love one want to nuzzle under your neck. Burning a vanilla candle while you read a good book wrapped in a light blanket is the perfect introduction to fall. Just picture it…ahhhhh!

vanilla Fall scents that help put you in a better mood

Amber- So I prefer the amber scent in a perfume, which in most cases where you will find it. I always switch my perfumes according to the season, and of course day or night. In the fall I chose amber because it has my favorite note, in it, which is vanilla. The other notes that follow are resin or a woody smell. It’s a very light, sweet, and long-lasting smell. Because I don’t like floral scents much I like scents that feel sophisticated. Some companies pair this fall scent with brown sugar to find of give you an understanding of what you are smelling. Check out XOJane’s article on the Amber scent.

amber Fall scents that help put you in a better mood

Cookies! – Ok, I get it all of my scents listed have “foody” characteristics. If they aren’t good to eat all the time, they have to be good to smell right? I’m sure there are no calories in smelling a cookie scent. Cookies remind me of fall because during the holidays. that is when the most baking and sharing happens. Holiday parties and events at work take over our summer waistlines. The smell of fresh-baked cookies when you walk through your door says Home to any guest walking in. You heard it here folks, bake cookies to get your mood right.

What is your favorite Fall Scent?

I know there are many other of scents that I could have mentioned, but these are favorite and scents that truly remind me of growing up in South Carolina. I want to pass that on to my children. We don’t realize that we emotional tie ourselves to scents. So when we smell them we are brought back to an event or moment that took place. What scents remind you of fall and put you in a fall or calming mood?



  1. Ashley
    September 1, 2017 / 5:49 pm

    Something about fall makes me want to buy every single candle out there! There’s nothing like football on and a good smelling candle burning.

  2. September 2, 2017 / 3:24 am

    Be right back while I buy all of these!!!!! I love “sweater weather” from bath and body works!

  3. September 2, 2017 / 4:00 pm

    Pumpkin, Apple Cinnamon and cookies are my favorite. I’m gonna have to give amber a try this year. Never tried that one!

  4. September 2, 2017 / 4:11 pm

    I’m with you! I LOVE cinnamon smell. I never really thought to combine it with Apple, but that totally makes sense. Apple cinnamon oatmeal is really delicious.
    Cinnamon anything is my jam, way over pumpkin spice. But pumpkin definitely smells most like ‘autumn’ to me.
    I never thought to try amber. Great suggestion!

  5. Natalie
    September 3, 2017 / 6:58 am

    Fall scents are the BEST! Love pumpkin and apple cinnamon.

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