The Best Epic and Crazy Bucket List Ideas

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How many times do you hear a friend or a family member, tell you that they are going away, or doing something exciting? Then you think about how you would like to do that too, but you don’t. Let me tell you, thinking about the things you want to do before you die is a never-ending cycle in your mind? why? because you are lazy and have no drive in terms of planing to do those crazy bucket list ideas. You aren’t taking initiative to accomplish your bucket list items. I’m not sorry for being a little harsh, but someone has to tell you, why not from someone like me, who means it with love.

Start Your Bucketlist

Life is full of adventure for every budget, so that should not be an excuse. Everyone has something they have to get around to make sure they are enjoying life, so take your time, plan and figure out. Shoot, you can even grab your girlfriends to help you out. It’s time for you to live. But I want to help you out with a list of 82 things to do before you die. OK, let’s take it one step at a time because we all plan to live long, but a least make a shortlist of 40 things to do before you’re 40. You get the point, right? Check out my random list of suggestions.

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82 Fun, Random, and Crazy Bucket List Ideas

  1. Swim Naked (yep, I said it)
  2. Drive a Race Car
  3. Eat a live bug
  4. Participate in a Flash Mob
  5. Go Sky Diving
  6. Try a hot air balloon ride
  7. Run a Half Marathon
  8. Spend the day at an amusement park
  9. Pay for a family’s Meal
  10. Pay a bill for a stranger
  11.  Go Zip Lining
  12. Climb a Mountain or long trail
  13. Participate in a Color Run
  14. Fly First Class
  15. Visit ThailandThailand trip as a crazy bucket list idea
  16. Visit Africa
  17. Visit Paris
  18. Swim with Dolphins
  19. Travel Solo
  20. Learn a new language
  21. Learn to play an instrument
  22. Visit the White House
  23. Visit an Art Gallery
  24. Go to a Korean Spa
  25. Take a Cooking Class
  26. Surprise a family member with a trip
  27. Participate in a 5k run
  28. Eat something you never had
  29. Take on a new hobby
  30. Start a business
  31. Go on a blind date
  32. Go to Switzerland to ski (seems Fun right?)
  33. Go on an all guy or girls trip
  34. Write letters to Congress on changing your community( don’t frown, this is a good one)
  35. Get on a TV show
  36. Become a Public Speaker
  37. Do some mission work
  38. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  39. Go to a gun range to shoot a gun
  40. Ride a motorcyclemotorcycle riding as a crazy bucket list idea
  41. Ride an elephant
  42. Meet your favorite famous person
  43. Attend a murder mystery dinner
  44. Attend a jazz festival
  45. Attend a Wine festival
  46. Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras
  47. Get a College Degree
  48. Take up a new trade
  49. Attend and participate in a Pole Dancing Class
  50. Take a Mud Bath
  51. Become a model for a day
  52. Get a bikini wax
  53. Start a Family
  54. Go wine tasting
  55. Host a couples game night
  56. Pray for a random stranger
  57. Learn to fish
  58. Drive a boat
  59. Go parasailing
  60. Do an ancestry test
  61. Learn more about your heritage
  62. Go to Ireland
  63. Host a couples party
  64. Host a singles game night
  65. get a tattoo
  66. Write a Book
  67. Start a nonprofit
  68. Share your life story with other women, or young girls
  69. Learn to sew or knitKnitting as a crazy bucket list idea
  70. Learn to do makeup or hair
  71. Take a train ride
  72. Learn to fly a Plane
  73. Take Your Children on a date to teach them etiquette
  74. Take an etiquette class
  75. Experience Hot Yoga
  76. Learn to ride a bike  (*side eye*, some of you never learned to ride a bike)
  77.  Create a personalized birthday bucket list and Go Rock Climbing like Pamela
  78. Get invited to a movie Premier
  79. Take self-confident boudoir photos
  80. Take a bike ride around a city
  81. Go horseback riding
  82. Learn a new dance/dance class

The Point of Cool and Crazy Bucket List Ideas

The point of a bucket list is to get you to have a goal and to not let life pass you by. My friend Libby realized this very thing. She was writing things and decided one day to start living out the ideas she wrote on her bucket list. I have written my own personal bucket list and I intend to cross at least five of them off every year. I try to balance it between something fun, something random and giving of my time or resources. What does life really mean if you aren’t helping someone else? Yeah, I like to think oft as a well-rounded list. Honestly, like I stated before everything does not have to be, I want to own a private airplane and fly to Dubai, (hmm that doesn’t sound half bad). But until that happens I’m happy with doing things I can do and saving and preparing for other things that I want to do. So what is on your bucket list for this year?

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