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Have you heard about ShiftCon? Yes, No, Maybe?Hold on, I’ll get into that later. Eating healthy is hard for most Americans today. A quick trip to your local fast food restaurant is sure to make you temporarily happy about not having to cook dinner. Don’t get me wrong there are healthy places to eat, But at home you have more control over your meals and snack ingredients. And I won’t started on the harmful chemicals In our cleaning products that we saturate our home in daily. Where do you find these “golden” products and who makes them? Yes, I sound like one of those people, but truthfully…

Natural foods that represent ShiftCon Conference

The Truth..

The truth is I am only about 45 percent in the healthy living lifestyle. I have been mostly  Keto for 3 years. I buy grass fed meat, veggies, and a lot of organic snacks. Only some of the products I use to clean, are deemed safe. But that’s the point I want to make to you, baby steps to a more sustainable life is better than no steps. My hope is to reach at least 70 percent by 2019. That also includes the way we dispose of our trash and left over foods. Transforming from a society that over consumes and is notoriously wasteful is no easy task and won’t happen overnight. There are resources to help us all to know more about healthy living as consumers and influencers. We have the job to inspire many in all areas of life but we must first learn how….

What is  ShiftCon?

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As their saying goes Shift happens, be apart of it. ShiftCon is an Eco wellness Influencer conference founded by Leah Segedie. It will be held in the new Chief Executive officer, Ari Adams’ hometown, of  Atlanta, October 3-5, 2019. This is a place for us newbie and oldie Eco Friendly influencers to learn and connect with experts. I am so ready to learn more about how I can be more green and also learn what products are out there. I’ll be honest being green is a lot more accessible than it use to be. Your major retailers are now carrying different Eco-Friendly products on their shelves than before. But, what you want to know is, is it as effective as the products you normally buy. The answer is, if you are an influencer who is still on the fence about the whole green thing, come and find out. I know I will be there with my note pad, because I seriously don’t know everything (I know, I know it seems like I do lol). Even though you see more products on the shelves, we can do more, that way it becomes the norm to choose better quality products. Which is why ShiftCon was Created in the first Place.


Are you coming to meet and talk to these amazing brands one on one? Oh and meet wonderful people and make connections? Then click HERE to get your tickets. Seriously don’t miss it, I’m sure it will be an amazing event. When you know better, you do better.



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