4 Holiday Tips to Keep Your Home Clean With Guest

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I had a conversation with a friend and she stated the Holidays stress her out because she can’t keep her home clean with the chaos of friends and family. She is very OCD about keeping her home clean. I gave her my favorite tips and wanted to share them, just in case you are ready to have spiked eggnog because Holiday cleaning stresses you out too.

Holiday Cleaning  tips with mean green cleaner

4 Easy Holiday Tips to keep your Home Clean With Guest

  1. Start by getting affordable or cheap organizational items so that everything has a place. If you set the tone when guest walk in your home, they will follow your lead. Have a place for shoes and coats  to be placed out of view.
  2. Keep a bottle of spray cleaner and paper towels in your bathroom. Don’t bother with the cleaning wipes when you lave a large gathering because they will go to waste (some people use to many shhhh!). The reason you need to have a visible cleaner in your bathroom is because kids and adults make messes. And no one wants to use a messy bathroom.  One of my favorite cleaners that I use and recommend is the Mean Green Degreaser Anti-Bacterial Cleaner
  3. My number one Tip above all when cooking and prepping in the kitchen is clean as you go. The Holiday’s are hectic enough, don’t make it hard on yourself by waiting until the end of a beautifully prepared meal to clean. It’s easy to have sticky counters, so I recommend my
    “old faithful,” that you have heard me talk about many times before, Super Strength Multipurpose Cleaner. Thank me Later.
  4. Unless your party or gathering is not for kids, they will be around. I recommend making an area or two, strictly for the kids or else they will drag things everywhere. In order to have order you must create it. Make sure you have activities for the kids to do, like age appropriate games. No child wants to be just stuck in a room.

mean green degreaser and cleaner

Have a clean Home remain clean during Holiday gatherings is a challenge but it can be done with these simple easy tips. Tell me your favorite Holiday leaning tips because we all need to know.


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