What Happened When a Determined Woman Decided to Run

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I have said this a thousand times over, ” I never thought I would be a runner.” I started running because I wanted to give my weight loss journey and exercise routine a kick in the butt. I had been at a stall for months and wanted desperately for the scale to move. Weight loss is not easy but I am still determined to be the best possible me. So running became my silver lining, it became my push mental and physically.

plus size Women who run


I remember over a year and half ago living my life, ignoring my weight and being confident at the same time. Yes I was and have always had confidence. I’m a woman and I do have insecurities, but I have always thought I was beautiful. With that being said.  One day I looked up at my self and realized  I wanted to lose weight and simply be better physically. So I took the steps to do so. I’m not at my goal in my weight loss Journey but I’m the most healthy I have ever been and I’m so proud I’m more physically active.

Running Changed My Life

There I am, minding my own business when a friend of mine at the gym, suggested that I come to a weekly running group. I thought about it  and said why not? So I honestly committed my self every week to push my body, to do something I never thought it could. So every week 3 times a week, I would wake up and push myself to do something I never did… run. I was motivated and the Christian version on the Couch to 5k program was a gradual one. n the beginning, we mostly walked and would have to run for 30 secs, until the end. At the end it pushed us to be able to run longer and not feel like we were hit by a truck.

I’m so thankful for my coach Melissa Martinez, who has been running for years and who is highly trained. Not only that, she has the power of the Holy spirit inside of her that is just so welcoming. She and my teammates would cheer me on, every class and it was uncomfortable for me at first. Even though I was active, it felt weird to have that attention on me. But I began to openly receive it and let that drive me.

Tips to stay motivated while running.

See yourself at the end- Everytime It was time for me to train during the week, I saw myself at the finish line. I literally imagined myself crossing the line. This alone inspired me every run day to give it my best shot.

Take it one step at a time- You can only worry about today. How many times have you thought about how long something might take and decide to quit. You can’ think like that, start with one step at a time.

Listen to good music while running- I like motivational music and videos. It really puts me in a positive mind set that I can do what I put mind to. I suggest Listening to whatever motivates you and that will push you to your goals. Zoning out and running was my favorite part.

Gym Clothes are life- If I didn’t have anywhere fancy to go , I would put my gym clothes on, at the start of my day. That way I didn’t have an excuse not to go. Also In these pictures I have on over sized clothes, but I eventually bought running clothes that I felt good and cute in.

Include People– Most of the time I like to run by myself. But there were time when my husband and boys would run with me and push me to do more. All while giving my husband the side eye of course. So during the time when you need a push, go with a friend.


Motivation to start Running

I have always had some desire to be a runner. But I found a program and people to push me gradually to my goals, I’m not the best runner, by no means. But, I’m far from where I started. Even though I found the program and the people, the bulk of it, was up to me. I had to put my mind to what I wanted to accomplish. I started one step at a time, everyday. I didn’t think about the next day. I didn’t care about the next day. I remember there was one week during my 8 weeks that I needed a break from everything. I took my break and got back at. When you start, breaks are harder to come back from, so make sure you are disciplined enough to come back. Remember ladies, you can do this, and don’t let anyone tell you different. No matter your size and how you start, you can do it, trust me. WE ARE WOMEN, HEAR US ROAR!

plus size Women who run



  1. Christine Ross
    July 12, 2018 / 1:12 pm

    Yes Push.You are a driving force.

  2. July 14, 2018 / 2:13 am

    I really needed to hear this ! I was on a roll about a month ago . I was running and working out everyday . I hurt my back one day , took a break the next and never went back to the gym . Thanks for encouraging me to get back into it .

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