Dance naked: Woman’s Guide to Body Confidence

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woman drinking coffee by a window showing body confidenceI have this podcast that you can check out. In one particular episode, I express my love for dancing around my house naked when my family is gone to work and school. It’s something that I love to do and it charges me into a vibration I can only get from within. This Episode did very well and a great discussion was had on my Instagram about it. You see, body confidence is practiced, it’s the very thing that lives within you that you birth. Once you give birth to this inner confidence, it can’t be sent back.

How Can I Have Confidence When Body is Constantly Changing?

Listen, Girl, I hear you, if anybody understands what you mean when you question your confidence, it’s me. 3 years ago I had lost a ton of weight. I loved myself before the weight loss, but I started TREATING myself like I loved me after the weight loss. Then My Grandmother died, and in one year I had put on a substantial amount of weight. I’m a woman, so yeah, I was a little upset about it. I worked hard to get to that body. But I pulled myself up one step at a time to start making the changes to getting back to a healthier me.  I already knew how to make those changes, I just had to take my time and do it. I had already birthed my confidence, I just had to remember that it’s a “baby” that belongs to me and it “ain’t” going anywhere.

You gain confidence and keep confidence, by constantly nurturing yourself and showing yourself grace. Forgive yourself if you aren’t where you want to be. The important thing is never giving up.

Dance Naked

What I do when I dance naked is play my favorite songs by women MCs like Chika and I vibe, dancing around my house and standing in the mirror watching my body flow to the beat. It’s the most liberating thing to not give a damn honestly. Who really cares if you have stretch marks, saggy breast, perky breast, a tight booty, or a jiggly booty? There are no rules or guidelines when it comes to dancing naked. There is only liberation. How many times do you feel saddened by what you haven’t accomplished or how your body looks? These thoughts play a major part in how you view yourself from within and your body.

So find the window where the sun shines the brightest and feel the warmth beam on your body. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and thank God for that very moment of peace. Here is the thing, time doesn’t stop and the world is still turning. Those are things you can’t change. But what you can do is love your beautiful self and absorb the peace. Because time is inevitable…until it’s not. Dance sis…Dance!


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