Cute Slogan T-shirt Using Cricut Easy Press

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Having a platform where I encourage women forces me to be open about the way I feel and how I view myself. That’s why I was excited when I got my Explore Air 2 Cricut Machine. It has become  another way for me to encourage people around me. This time I created a T-shirt Design Using my Cricut Easy Press.


The one thing that people take away from my platforms is the encouraging words that I give daily. Every word means something, but there are those words that have great impact. The shirt that I decided to create is simple like me, but says something big. Women today have to fight through many challenges in the world but its important to remind each other that we are amazing and we glow. Sis Glows, I am Sis is inspired by the popular meme on social media ending in the slogan, “I am Sis.”

Creating Your Slogan Iron On Vinyl T-Shirt

Creating your own design for your  slogan T-shirt is so easy in Design Space. You can check out my design and even tweak it to your own personal taste. But the first thing you want to do is figure out what you want your shirt to say and if you would like to add a picture or shape. Design Space is great because you can even pick the item that you are designing to make sure your design fits the way you would like. For me I chose the V-neck template and it came out great for my shirt design. I chose to use a beautiful glitter vinyl that pops to represent the glow that women have.


 Tip: Once you choose your design and fonts, make sure that you position the design and letters that way you want and then weld them together using the icon in the bottom Right corner. If you don’t weld your letters into words, they will print separately. And let me tell you, that is a big time consuming mess. Note: I chose not to fully weed my design because I liked it better that way.

How to Use The Cricut Easy Press

The Cricut Easy press is so simple to use and it heats up really quickly to your desired setting. If you are like me and you are wondering what to even set the temperature to, check out this guide from the Cricut website. It’s extremely helpful by letting you choose the material and  fabric you’re using to help  determine the heat setting.

Don’t worry there is only five buttons, one to turn on the temperature  and another to control time. On the opposite side, you have your Cricut logo button to let you know when the machine is ready. Then there are the temperature control buttons to change the heating settings.

When you have weeded and  placed your design on your shirt, now you can begin using your Easy press. First you want to apply a towel or some kind of barrier in between your Easy press and your design. Apply light to medium pressure and the easy pressure will do the rest of the work by applying even heat unlike a regular iron.

Tip: If a part of your design didn’t adhere all the way you can re-apply the clear film and touch up those areas. I hope these tips were helpful, tell me your experiences and tips in the comments.


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