The Best Supplements I Take Daily

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We are going through a time of panic, wondering what we can do to keep ourselves and our families safe. Among many other guidelines and suggestions, one of the best things to do is to remember to take care of your body from the inside. I have supplements that I take daily that are helpful during a time when the main thing I can control , is taking care of my body. Remember that these supplements are what works for me and should not be used to diagnose or replace a doctors advice. There are many supplements out there and you can add what works for you. Remember to do your research.

5 Supplements I Feel Good about Taking Daily

Seed Probiotic

  • I was initially Given Seed to try and fell in love, all opinions are my own experience.

Many people don’t know that It’s important to have a probiotic for gut health. But that is not all probiotics are used for. It is important to take these to help other vitamins and supplements you’re taking to effectively digest.  I’m excited about Seed because of how natural it is and the element of which it’s made. This pill has a protective coating ensuring that it makes it to your gut before it breaks down.

My favorite thing about Seed probiotics is they have done extensive research and formulated a high quality probiotic for both female and male. This company is about educating you on the right way to use probiotics and debunking the myths that proceed them.

My Personal Experience With Seed Probiotic

I know you’re probably thinking this product is no different because it’s in pretty packing. But Honestly, and this is completely honest, I wasn’t expecting much either. I soon found out after a month how it really felt to be talking a good probiotic.  The first noticeable thing I felt in my body was increased energy. I kept all of my supplements the same and added this one. The next came a significant improvement in my digestive system. I usually hear a lot of gurgling and a gassy gut due to a previous surgery but that decreased for me. I felt better and that’s what is most important to me, feeling good in my body. I have been on Seed for 7 months now from when I first received it at a convention.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of my favorite supplements to take and is a staple in my daily routine regardless of the season. It’s great for Immunity support and deficiencies. Vitamin C is one of those preventative measures before you get a common cold. So I would suggest taking it if you are adding this, talk to your doctor about taking it daily. Vitamin C also helps with blood pressure and reducing heart disease.

How much Vitamin C should you take?

Taking too much Vitamin C is said not to be harmful, but taking too much can irritate your stomach so be careful with over-consuming this supplement. Some sites, such as WebMD Suggest 500miligrams daily to reach its full benefits


Zinc is kind of like the underdog of Immunity support that most people don’t realize unless you’re health-conscious. Zinc actually keeps your immune system strong. Kind of like the stay ready supplement for your body. Zinc is said to reduce age-related diseases in older adults. Lastly, zinc can help increase immune response and wound healing which is mainly used in hospitals today.


I first heald of Echnicia in a PR box I received. It sat on my floor for months before I remembered I had it when I got sick. I took it at the first signs of my cold symptoms and I had no symptoms within 3 days. Yes, 3 days. So I swear by it to this day for my whole family. You have to make sure its pure, clean, and of good quality. I use drops for my kids and I take the pills. We only consume this if we see signs of sickness or if Flu season is really bad that year.



Algae is great for your immune system as well all while helping boost your energy and detox your body. This is another supplement that I love the way it makes me feel. When I incorporate a new supplement I do it individually yo see how my body reacts to it first. And Algae always gives me a spike of energy while helping my skin to glow.

Remember to take care of your body, have a well- rounded diet and use great quality Supplements approved by your doctor, to help aide in your over all health.


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