A Reliable and Quick Frozen Meal Every Woman Needs

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How busy can a woman be these days, that I forgot to eat? I traced my steps and thought about it. At 6:30 am I wake up to shower and get myself dressed for the day. by 7:15 am I wake my kids up to get dressed, which thankfully, doesn’t take too much effort. Then because I’m the parent who never prepares lunches at night, I go into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. *side note* Am I really going to tell you about my whole day because I forgot to eat lunch? Yes, but sit tight, it won’t take long at all. I have a solution for you because I’m all about women staying on top of our self care and being the best “us” we know how to be. That includes remembering to eat a quality meal with quality ingredients, that’s quick and easy.

busy stay at home mom eating a tai pei Asian frozen meal

By 8:15 am My kids are dress, fed, and we are headed out the door to drop them off at School. So Now I have a whole 3 hours  before I have to pick my youngest son back up from school because some days are only half days for him. During this time, I’m working and running errands for my business. Ding Ding my alarm goes off and I’m back down the road to pic up my son. Now this is a critical time during our day, “operation get my 3-year-old tired for a nap.” By this time in my busy day as a woman and  stay at home mom, I realized that I have not eaten lunch yet and I have deadlines.  I still have to run errands, feed my son, and get him exhausted for a mid day nap.

busy stay at home mom eating a tai pei Asian frozen meal

My Son always keeps me on my toes!


Solution for a Quick Frozen Meal

I decided enough was enough, I had to remember that on my busy days as a mom and working woman, I still needed to have a balanced meal, but I needed it to be quick. I love the taste of fresh quality ingredients, and I will be honest most frozen Asian meals just don’t do it for me. So when I had the opportunity to try Tai Pei ‘s Frozen Asian meals, I remembered my long busy days and forgetting to eat and decided to give them a try. You ladies know I live a healthy lifestyle so balance is always key for me, oh and taste of course. I went to my local grocery store and picked up the variety of Asian frozen fried rice infused meals Tai Pei had to offer (see where you can find Tai Pei meals, HERE). I saw that they offered meals without any preservatives or artificial ingredients, because you know I don’t mess around with my health anymore. So all I had to do was place this good quality frozen meal in the microwave for 5 mins and Viola, a quality meal for this busy woman on the go is ready.

busy stay at home mom eating a tai pei Asian frozen meal

Yeah, But How does this Asian meal taste?

I will be honest yet again, I didn’t have high hopes for the taste of this Tai Pei meal. But when I heard the, “ding” after 5 minutes, I was impressed with my first bite. The way this company packaged and layered the meal inside to be cooked, made it NOT turn out soggy, like some brands I have tried. I love the orange Chicken rice, but my family loves the fried rice the best. Yes, it tasted that, good that I made it one night for dinner, because that’s the kind of super mom I am. Dare I say that this was on of the best frozen dinners my family liked? Well it is and my son is a picky eater.

busy stay at home mom eating a tai pei Asian frozen meal

Busy Mom Lunch problem is solved

Going through my day not eating, because I’m so busy some days is not good. I always want to make sure that I am having a balanced and healthy diet. Remember to watch your portions and make sure to fuel your mind and your body with quality meals like Tai Pei. For me having these different flavor filled rice bowls at least once a week, helps me to quickly choose a meal that is quick, easy and won’t cause boring meal choices, because they offer a variety of options.

busy stay at home mom eating a tai pei Asian frozen meal

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  1. Abigail Gibson
    February 10, 2018 / 4:57 pm

    I really like the chicken fried rice.

    • Ebony S Hinton
      February 11, 2018 / 11:24 am

      Yes Chicken Fried Rice is so good.

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