Accepting Our Flaws To Help Accept Others

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We all have issues that we need to deal with. All of us have imperfections and our own personalities. Those differences are what draw other people to us. Our ability to be different than they are, to fill in the gaps where they are missing are the keys to our relationships, and yet we still judge ourselves and others based on those differences. We tend to be harder on ourselves than on other people but still push our expectations and judgments upon their imperfections and personality traits that are different than ours.

A Better Way To Look At Flaws

Character flaws are just a part of who we are. These characteristics make us unique, so learning to accept them as part of our individuality will help us be more accepting of others too. There are two types of flaws; minor flaws encompass those quirky little habits we have, such as always being five minutes late or being grumpy in the mornings. They are things that we just can’t seem to shrug off but don’t affect our ability to function daily.

Major character flaws include serious problems such as addictions. Professional treatment can be used to deal with major flaws, and most of them are highly treatable. Dealing with minor flaws is something we can all work on ourselves without professional help. Sometimes fixing the issue can be an easy short-term exercise, but others that are a little trickier may be a lifelong process of always consciously remember to choose another method or activity to change our habits.

Here are some easy tips to dealing with some of our more common flaws:

Procrastination can cause unneeded stress in your life. Learning to manage time, organize your priorities, and break daily activities into manageable sessions can help you stay more focused and proactive. Hold yourself accountable for meeting each goal you set for yourself in a day and reward yourself for finishing each task.

If you are easily irritated, take a moment to analyze yourself and your reactions. Is this more than a simple mood swing? Are you letting others’ actions rule how you perceive and react? Find some time in your day to let go of your stress. A simple trick to relaxing and keeping your focus on what you can control in life is to spend 5 minutes each day meditating on your goal for the day.

Push excess thoughts out of your head, relax your muscles and experience your moment. You may find this process helps you relax and even concentrate a little better. Do you find yourself bringing your work issues home with you? Snapping at your spouse or child over some innocent question or comment? This behavior is hurtful to the ones we love most but an easy flaw to work on.

Before leaving work each day, take a moment to reflect on what you’ve accomplished during the day and what your goals are for tomorrow. Remember that your family deserves as much focus from you as your work did, and taking time to let go of your day by remembering what you’ve already achieved is a great way to keep things in perspective and make the transition to your life at home.

Character flaws are a natural part of our personality. Depending on how it affects you and the people around you, you can work to take steps to accept the flaw as a part of who you are or change it. In the end, it is important to accept and like yourself in order to like and accept others. We are more flexible and accepting when we feel good about our lives and the choices we make.


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