A Relaxing Girl’s Trip Getaway to Atlanta

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Whoosah. Do you ever have those moments when you need to take a step back a breathe? Yeah, me too. Well Us too, because I went on a quick Atlanta girl’s trip getaway with my Aunt and Cousins. We laughed and laughed…and laughed. A good belly laugh always feeds me in a place that I forget I need sometimes. Thank you family for giving me the best parts of you. It’s healing. Anyway, let’s talk about getting “nekkid” in Atlanta girl.


Visiting Jeju Korean Spa in Atlanta Georgia

A few years ago I got the chance to visit Jeju Spa in Atlanta for my birthday. And along with my two cousins and our life was changed. it was the most relaxing experience and you leave out feeling like a newborn baby. In fact, my cousin actually said, she hadn’t been groomed like that since she was a baby lol. Let me explain.

Jeju spa in Atlanta GA

if you have never visited the Jeju spa in Atlanta, you’re missing out on a wonderful experience. It’s a Korean spa that has over 20 types of saunas, indoor lap pools. The best part is they have vaginal steaming, massages, and my absolute Favorite is the body shampoo. The body shampoo requires you to be fully naked while these very gifted women scrub and wash your body. You literally walk out feeling baby skin soft. You can get add-ons that give you an even heighten experience, such as cucumber masks and oils.

Speaking of being naked, When you are not in the beautiful hot or cold saunas you can use their pools inside the locker rooms while you wait on your service. The pools help loosen your dead skin for body scrubbing. Here is the thing, when you are not in the sauna’s or common areas you are completely naked. There is a women’s side and a men’s side. It can be kind of a shock if you are not comfortable with your body or other people’s naked bodies. But I can assure you, it’s a liberating experience. Perfect for a girls getaway.

Women posing at Jeju spa in Atlanta for a girls weekend getaway

Korean spas such as Jeju are very clean and require cleanliness when you partake in their facilities. You must remove your shoes and shower, even if you have just taken a shower. I prefer to bring my own soap because they only use bar soap left for everyone. Just relax and enjoy your time at Jeju because you will be there for a couple of hours. If you are hungry they also have a food court with delicious food and smoothies.

Fun Food to Eat in Atlanta

For this trip, we didn’t have a whole lot of time to visit all of the delicious spots that are locally approved and on a tourist bucket list. we went on a weekend and everyone knows Atlanta on the weekend is even busier than the busy weekdays. But we did have good food at Padaueax’s which is a Seafood restaurant that is Liousana inspired. For me, it was a 6 out of ten because my shrimp tasted like it was from a bad batch.

Women walking the streets of Atlanta

We must have been on a seafood kick because we went to the Juicy Crab and our food was delicious and seasoned to everyone’s desired taste. Can you imagine a bunch of seafood lovers who got a nicely prepared crab boil? yep! heaven in a tin bowl.

The Juicy Crab Building Atlanta Ga

Women at the Juicy crab in Atlanta GA for a weekend girls getaway

What is life without sweets, and all it takes is for someone to say, “man, I want something sweet.” and you’re off on a quest to find something sweet to set off a perfect meal. While driving we found the Midtown location of the Sweet Hut Bakery. A very eclectic Asian style bakery. We found some goodies like sweetbreads macaroons and other fun foods. All is good with the world when you got a little something sweet on your palate.

Sweet Hut Bakery Midtown Atlanta GA

Women in line at Sweet Hut Bakery in Atlanta Ga Women in line at Sweet Hut Bakery in Atlanta Ga

TIP: Atlanta is a melting pot for not only southern but other innovative food as well. So for your own girls getaway, call and see if the place you are going has reservations. Also, the early bird gets the worm. The earlier you go, you may have a chance at beating the Atlanta crowds. Crazy enough everybody is not at church on Sunday (insert sarcastic shocked face).

Women walking the streets of Atlanta

Fun Atlanta Lounge

I’m not going to lie, we stumbled upon the ACE Lounge on pure accident. Honestly, none of us were dressed for the club and one of my cousins and I are not even frequent club goers to begin with. But the Ace Lounge and restaurant is a West Indian Restaurant with an array of music for everyone. Basically the DJ was great and the drinks were on point. They do have the option for hookah as well. We actually arrived way before the crowd and left when it was getting packed. You know, before the people who spent hours getting ready to acutally go clubbing. But we had a great time enjoying a couple of dances in an empty lounge, doing something random and spontaneous.




So listen I enjoyed telling you about my quick Atlanta girl’s trip getaway. But I need you to let me know of all your favorite spots for next time. Have you been to any of the places I mentioned?





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