5 Ways to Tell You are a Bad Friend

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Friends. How many of us have them? Do you remember that song? Anyway we all have a friend of some sort, or maybe someone we are friendly with. But are you a good friend? Honestly, the friend thing is the one relationship category that gives me the most headache sometimes. It’s this need to keep it constant, but you are not legally committed to it. Only ethically and morally. Friendship it’s almost disposable if you let it be. In my opinion friendship will constantly challenge the need for that person in your life, more than a spouse or child. This is all opinion based of course. Some friends actually become more like your family. Like my wonderful girlfriends. But with all that said are you a bad friend? Are you the perfect friend that always get’s the invites, or remembers birthdays? Out of all of my previous post in this Series(read the previous one HERE), I honestly don’t think there is a perfect standard or the perfect friend. But I want to share with you things that don’t make me your cookie cutter friend. But my friends, still love me, because they know my heart. Are you a bad friend?

are you a bad friend

Here is 5 Signs You May be a Bad Friend


  1. I don’t remember birthdays- no matter how organized I try to be, I never really remember birthday’s I just wait for Facebook to tell me. I’m sure I’m not alone on this lol.
  2. Speaking of birthday’s, it’s very rare that I give gifts. Not because I don’t love my friends, its just not my thing and can cause too much confusion in expectation. I rather spend time with my friends or give things that truly mean something. Trust me this is not as bad as it may sound.
  3. I don’t listen to the same sob story over and over again- Listen in life we go through many things, like break-ups and make-ups, children and career moves. It’s important to share things with your friends BUT, take the advice given and don’t wear down your friends constantly with the same story, because you want a different answer. I will always be there for my friends, but I won’t be a crutch to the things they know they need to change. So I simply choose not to be.
  4. Choosing my family over my friends- If you are married   it’s important to prioritize your friends and intermediate family. Because when i’m with my girlfriends, I get carried away in conversations and having a great time laughing. So I always have to remember to take care of home first before I get in engulfed in the excitement of my friends.
  5. It’s Important to tell your friends how you feel- Be honest with your friends when ever possible, but say things with love. There are so many people who don’t say how they feel to their friends, to spare their feelings. I get why, but in the end, you both could be left with buried feelings. I always say what I have to say…end of story.

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How to be a good friend?

Being a good friend has nothing to do with why you can buy but everything to do with, what you can provide for the type of standards you all have set for each other. To some people I may be a bad friend, and heck to me you may be a bad friend, but everyone has the right to figure out the type of friendships they may want. As you get older or go through different things and those views may change and that’s OK. A bad friend is one that does not consider the type of friendship you have with each other. As we know every relationship is different, what may be good to one person may not be good to the other. So assess what you are building with your friends and just simply do your best. Learn to forgive and be happy with your girlfriends. So tell me, what do you think makes you a “bad friend?”

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