5 Tips to make great impressions in business

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Think about how many business cards you probably collect a month from business people such as contractors, realtors, or even your favorite ice cream shop uptown. As a woman who’s goal is to make lasting and positive impressions, I get asked about my business often. In the beginning I would get stumped or become too shy to “toot my own horn.” I didn’t feel like I deserved to be in a room with powerful people. But then I thought, I work hard daily to make sure the women that come to my platforms have quality content to relate to. That is an honorable task that I value. In addition to that, in this life we change jobs, and careers often. Some us own our own businesses and some of us need to make lasting impressions in organizations and events we are apart of.

5 Tips to make great Impressions at your next Business Event

I remember going to an event in Saint Louis Missouri, full of high profile companies that you and I both love. I sat at my seat with my refreshment, and thought to myself, how will I tackle this room. How will my introvert personality shine in a room full of sharks. Because the people attending all had their own reasons of why they wanted to get noticed by those companies. I decided that I needed a plan and to just simply us my southern charm to make lasting impressions. My plan included meeting at least 3 of the company leaders that spoke and these 5 tips to making lasting business impressions.

  1. Smile– Always remember to welcome people that are in your presence with a smile. It says that you are warm and inviting. People like to work with those that make them feel comfortable.
  2. Hand Shake– give a friendly yet stern handshake. Even for women, a good hand shake shows that you are assertive and have leadership quality. Remember to lean in slightly. Yes! it really is an art to a good handshake.
  3.  Pick a Quality– Before you walk over or during the conversation, pick a quality you will remember about the other person. This will help when they give you their business card to follow-up, you can use that quality to let them know you paid attention to detail. For example, I remember I told a CEO about the story she told about being a working mom. She loved that and complemented me bringing it up.
  4. Let them Remember You– Give them something unique and simple they will remember about you. Here is an example of a quick Story I told during a conversation. I notice that a representative worked for a brand that I was interested in. So I told her how much I loved the brand and how much it helped me on my Keto Journey. She had no idea what keto was, but remembered the story when I contacted her.
  5.  Business Card– Give business cards that are unique to your brand. For both of my businesses I always personalize my business card with my picture and things that match what my brand represents. I prefer to keep the information simple and straight to the point. Lastly I always choose colors that I want to represent my brand or business that are consistent.

business cards by basic invite for great impressions

First Impression of Basic Invite For my Business Cards

If you are looking for business cards that speaks to your personality, I had the pleasure of going through the process of ordering my own quality business cards  on the website Basic invite. I’m seriously happy with the quality of the cards that I received. I used one of their  templates and used my own photos and the colors I wanted. They had over 180 colors for me to choose from for each element. These business cards are for my body and skin care line The Hinton Company. So I made sure to choose pictures that complimented what the business was about. They came out vibrant and looked just like I designed them on the site.

What Else?…..

Basic Invite is not only about Business cards, but they offer all kinds of cards to help you make great impressions for any occasion. Are you a realtor looking  for realtor business cards to make sure you seal the deal with your clients? they have you covered for those too. I know what you’re thinking, “Eb I really don’t need business cards right now.” But here is what you do need, Holiday Photo cards, that are great as a personal business touch for your colleagues or for your friends and family.  You can even get a custom link to share on your Social media and email to gather address. They will print the address for free on your Holiday day cards, at no cost to you. Whatever you need you need to make great impressions, you can find it at Basic Invite. Always remember ladies, that in life we can dominate anything including making great first impressions in Business.

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Holiday cards by basic invite for great impressions

Photo Courtesy of Basic Invite

What first impression tips do you have to share?


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