3 Ways to Support Your Man’s Health

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My husband and I met really young, and have been through a lot  of changes together. Growing older of course is a new journey as we realize our bodies are changing. We made a commitment to hold each other accountable in our health.  That’s  the best part about being married right?  Supporting each  other in all phases of life. We talk a great deal  here  about how to have strong self worth and also self care. But we must  never forget to support the ones we love  and the month of June is a great time  to be  intentional because it’s Men’s heath month. So incase you need a little help with how to support your man this month, don’t worry I have you covered.

Three Ways to Support Your Man’s Health

  1.  Do it together– In most cases having a partner when you’re  making life changes is better than  walking any journey alone. So  my husband and I active things we like to do together,  like bike riding, walking and playing a fun round of basketball. I’ll be  honest we learned that it works better for us to keep what we engage in together, light and fun. We don’t thrive in gym type of workouts together.
  2. Make it Convenient–  Convenience is key in helping us thrive. For  example, vitamins, my husband is a bit stubborn and isn’t really focused on taking vitamins like me. So I make sure to help him by laying out his vitamins so  when he is on is way out he can pop them in  his moth without taking  water. Yes, you heard  that right we take micro-lingual vitamins that just dissolve under the tongue. Fun Fact: The Vitamins are called Superior Source Vitamins created by Ron Beckenfield. Ron is now  a 78 year old physically fit man that cares about his health and the health of others. He was Inspired by his father who had Parkinson and a heart condition to make pills that where natural, safe and easy to swallow.  His Father showed concern about how difficult it was  to swallow the pills he had to take. So now because of Mr. Beckenfield, people like my husband and I take dissolvable pills without the guilt of harmful ingredients.
  3. Use a Combined Calendar: When are supporting each other it helps to keep us accountable when we are on the same page as I mentioned before. We have also learned that when it comes to my husband  focusing on his health journey he doesn’t  want it to feel like Im burdening him and quite frankly we have that in common. So to remedy that we  came up with a shared calendar that reminds us of appointments that sends gently reminders to both out phones, We also have scheduled days we work out together. Remember health and fitness is a daily journey and as long as you are taking steps each day, you should be proud of your self.

Review On Superior Source Vitamins

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m all about convenience. So the fact that I don’t need water to take my vitamins when using Superior Source, I love that. My favorite is the Vitamin C and also the B12 which I use to keep my energy up. when you open the packaging you will notice a supplement smell that may be too much to those sensitive of smells. In my experience that is one way you can tell the ingredients are pure and natural as the company stands by. My husband also enjoys that the tablets dissolve as soon as they hit your tongue and you just don’t have different kinds of vitamins sitting in your stomach. I have recommend these to family and I  recommend them to you.

Where to Buy Superior Source Supplements

To purchase your own set of dissolvable supplements to help aide in your  health journey  Superior Source is partnered  with Amazon and Walmart. Clink the links to get yours today. We love that they are Pure and clean while also not needing any water to take them. Superior supplements are also made in the USA


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