100 Self-care Tips for Women Who Feel Lost

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I reached my 30s and realized my perspective on life looked different. As I began this journey of an unknown territory, I realized I was meeting women literally everyday who were just like me. Self care deficient, Self Love hungry and in a straight up identity crisis. Women who were stuck in this rut of unhappiness. Simply because they felt like life was moving without them.

If you’re reading this and it’s you. You are not alone. It just simply means, you need to focus and do things that make you feel good until you figure the next step out. Because if you’re doing things that feel good to you , the next steps will simply flow from the part of you that you thought would never unblock.

Dating yourself and applying your self to living a better life even on Valentine's Day.

Search the list below and try to accomplish at least one this week, and then another. Do what works for you and your lifestyle. You are here because there is apart of you that wants to feel alive again, You want to be on your Eat, Pray, Love feels. But you are afraid. You have excuses. Get out of your own way and pick one. Don’t be the horse that was lead to water and never drank…

100 Self-Care Tips for Women Who Feel Lost

  1. Light a  candle (sit & reflect)
  2. Picnic in a park (eat, observe, & think)
  3. Paint your nails (reflect)
  4. Put on a face mask (relax)
  5. Write 5 things you love about yourself (bask)
  6. Sit by running water ( like a fountain)
  7. Have coffee in a coffee shop
  8. Call a friend to laugh
  9. Call a friend to vent
  10. buy yourself flowers
  11. Pray and meditate
  12. Go on a bike ride
  13. Go on a hike with a friend
  14. Go to the movies to watch a movie
  15. Have a movie night at home
  16. Read a good book that interest you
  17. Read a self help book
  18. Listen to Self Help book while doing other things
  19. Cook something you never cooked
  20. Eat at a new restaurant
  21. Try a new foodwoman drinking a fresh pineapple on the boardwalk Myrtle beach
  22. Have a day trip at the beach or lake
  23. Have a dance party by yourself
  24. Have a dance party with friends
  25. Go to karaoke
  26. Host a game night
  27. Take a dance class
  28. Take a yoga class
  29. Train to run a 5k race
  30. Visit a new business in your city
  31. Go to the next city and visit a landmark
  32. Start a facebook group and share like minded things
  33. Grab a coloring book and color for fun
  34. Go Zip lining
  35. Have an old school sleep over with a girlfriend
  36. Paint in your home
  37. Go to a painting class
  38. Deep Condition your hair
  39. Attend a local concert or band (usually smaller and cheaper)
  40. Feed Ducks in a Park
  41. Have an overnight stay at a hotel, swim and order in.
  42. Go swimming
  43. Visit a spa
  44. Go get a wax
  45. Go get a vaginal steam
  46. Watch youtube and learn something new (a recipe, a course, hair)
  47. Repurpose a piece of furniture in your home
  48. Bake cookies
  49. Declutter a space in your home (A clean space makes you feel good)
  50. Take a bubble bath
  51. Take a Eucalyptus Shower
  52. Go Fishing (even if you haven’t before)
  53. Take a nap (it’s ok for adults to nap)
  54. Attend a church service
  55. Make a simple to do list for the week ( checking things off are rewarding)
  56. Take a walk in your neighborhoodPinterest image about 100 self case tips for women
  57. Kiss the one you love for over a minute (affection heals)
  58. Volunteer in your community (give back)
  59. Tell yourself  “I love you” 10 times in the mirror
  60. Wear your favorite outfit just because
  61. look at yourself naked , and say the things you love to yourself
  62. Have sex with your mate in a different places (a natural stress reliever)
  63. Buy new underwear and Bra (some of you need it)
  64. Try Lipstick (for those that don’t wear it. start with a simple one)
  65. Try a new shade of lipstick
  66. Listen to a motivational video
  67. Lay out in the sun (recharge and connect)
  68. Take a cooking class
  69. Go Indoor rock climbing
  70. Try white water rafting
  71. If you have children or husband, Eat your food first (put yourself first sometimes)
  72. Go to Therapy (heal)
  73. Attend a local sports game or Big game
  74. Take a girls trip
  75. Go wine tasting at a local store or winery
  76. Join a book club (check your church, local community center or facebook)
  77. Tell another person the are beautiful, encourage them daily (watch what happens to you when you do this)
  78. Forgive someone today
  79. Take the night off cooking for your family
  80. Have bond fire
  81. Do a photo shoot (professional or just use your phone)
  82. Turn your phone off for 2 hours (use discretion)
  83. Delete a Social Media App for 30 days
  84. Cut one bad thing from your diet for 30 days
  85. Take your vitamins daily
  86. Go to bed an hour early (set your day up to do so)
  87. Visit a friend at their house
  88. Attend a conference to learn something new
  89. Take a  solo vacation (if you can’t go right now, write  it down as a Goal)
  90. Say Positive affirmations daily
  91. Have  conversation with a new person while running errands (new connections)
  92. Attend an outdoor festival
  93. Go to an amusement park
  94. Play Arcade games
  95. Share something you know to someone else (can be as simple as a book you read, to as big as teaching a class)
  96. Start a  monthly women’s group of your own
  97. Go back to school
  98. If you are frustrated, have a long cry, then cry some more. Pick your self up and know that you are strong
  99. Ask for help in anyway
  100. You made it to the end. Know that ITS OK TO FAIL, So fail and then pick yourself up and try again, It’s Mandatory for renewing.




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  1. October 20, 2019 / 9:20 am

    It took me so long to understand that I was better at being the person I needed to before my family when I took the time to be better to myself. Self-care isn’t selfish and understanding that can make taking the time you need so much easier.

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