10 Sure Reasons You May Be a Bad Mommy

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Have you ever asked yourself am I a bad mommy? I’m sure it’s crossed your mind a couple of times, especially for the many women who give birth and 6 to 8 weeks later, they must leave them with a child care provider.

mom and sons out side

Or for the stay-at-home mom who wished some days she could drop her kid off somewhere and run. The fact is we all feel like bad moms or even bad friends, but it doesn’t mean we are. It just means we are great moms who are doing the best that we can to love, care and produce good humans for the world. Awww that sounds nice right? But you know there is some man or woman judging the way you take care of your kids, or a mother-in-law about to “have a cow.” because of the way you run your house hold. Listen I’m not your average “Susie homemaker,” and sometimes my day doesn’t make complete sense. To Susie I may be a bad mom but for me, I’m ok with doing this mommy thing my way. Check out my top ten reason’s I may be a bad mommy compared to the perfect mother. Hey! I am keeping it real here.


10 Reasons I May Be a Bad Mommy

  1. I don’t have a consistent meal plan- Listen, every week is not the same, it  probably will never be. I’m just not wired that way I guess. Some weeks I sit down, and I plan out the week  down to the juice that may pair well with the meal. And then the next week, I’m defrosting chicken 15 minutes before dinner. This bad mommy behavior goes in waves every other week. So, you can’t say I’m not consistent
  2.  I don’t always require my kids to clean up their toys at the end of the day. Sometimes I’m tired of fussing at them, and I just say wash up and go to bed. There…done. Mommy time just got here sooner than I thought. If you thought this sentence was going to be me apologizing or explaining why..nope.
  3.  Occasionally my kids eat snacks for dinner- My oldest Son is a picky eater and has a thing about textures. My youngest Son follows the lead of his brother, even though he eats generally anything. That’s a whole other story for another day. But sometimes they just want a jelly sandwich and chips, I let them have it, and move on with life (insert shrug emoji).kids dancing wild because of a bad mommy
  4. 4) My kids jump on their beds- I warn them not to, because they may get hurt and they still do anyway. I hear them laughing and enjoying each other and I simply smile and engulf myself in their happiness. Kids will be kids, but I make sure they know how to treat other people’s environment and homes. Even though I may be doing bad mommy things, I still make sure my kids are respectful.
  5. 5) I don’t always wipe down the grocery story carts when we go shopping. I know germs and “ick,” are a big deal, but sometimes I just simply forget, or I’m in a rush and I don’t care. I know I should, because I honestly hate germs and think about the bacteria growth. But the fact remains, I don’t always wipe the carts.
  6. 6) My Boys can hit others- Wait a minute, are we judging? let me explain. I realized at an early age, my oldest Son was a push over, because of how I taught him to defend himself, which was no hitting and tell your teacher. I soon changed that because of the way others raise their kids. These are the steps he is to take when defending himself. One, be vocally stern and say, “Please Stop!” if someone is hitting you. Two, if they don’t stop, tell your teacher. Three, If it continues, you may take your palm or arm, and move them away from you, and vocally yell get away from me or “stop.” Four, mommy or daddy will further handle the problem.
    messy toys is a sign of a bad mommy


  7. 7) Most nights my kids sleep in whatever is too small for them now. They have a couple of pajama’s sets but mostly it’s random short’s and old summer t-shirts.
  8. 8) About 3 to 4 days out of the week, I am picking their clothes out the morning of them going to school. Sometimes it’s out of a basket of clothes I haven’t folded yet (insert another shrug emoji).
  9. 9) Speaking of clothes’, I hate to iron, and I don’t unless I have to. So, my boys mostly wear styles, like joggers, that don’t require ironing.
  10. 10) lastly the one that probably makes us all bad mommies. My kids wake up in the middle of the night and sleep in our bed and we let them stay there. Because honestly, who has the energy to move them at 3 am in the morning?

Bonus: My boys “art work” has a shelf life of one day in our house and then I throw it away, unless it’s fridge worthy. who needs the clutter.

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Tell me all the things that make you a bad mommy in “Susie Homemakers'” eyes.


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