10 Helpful Signs You May be a Bad Wife

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You may have been married for a year twenty years. When you first get married you want to do all the perfect things to make each other happy. Then reality hit’s and you simply would like to be yourself and do the best that you can to have a successful marriage. If you have kids you don’t want to be a bad mom  either, but that’s another story. Truth is every marriage is not the same and it won’t always be lollipops and rainbows. I know for me I’m not Webster’s definition of the perfect wife. The purpose of this post is not that you are actually a bad wife, it’s about being a wife on your own terms opposed to those who set unrealistic terms on what a “good wife” is. Take a look at the things that don’t make me the “perfect wife,” You may see your self in some of the examples or can come up with your own habits.

10 signs you are a bad wife

10 Signs you may be a bad wife

  1.  My husband, for the most part washes his own clothes, but sometimes I leave my husband’s clothes in the washer on accident. Sorry honey! I know you all can relate, we get so busy or side tracked, we forget we put a load in and boom..mildew, ugh story of my life.
  2. Even though this is a mutual agreement, i don’t buy my husband elaborate gifts on certain holidays. I’m not actually a bad wife for this, it is a mutual agreement for us. After being together for so long, you realize stuff is just stuff.
  3. I don’t clip my husband’s toe nails: I know some of you are thinking eww! but there are women who prefer this, and that;s ok. I just prefer to pay someone else to do it.
  4.  I give my husband remixed food aka leftovers at least 3 times a week. Let me explain, if you are the primary cook in your home, you know cooking meals can be exhausting. So I cook a bunch of sides and keep them in the fridge. Bam! I saved myself a head ache
  5. Speaking of food, I don’t prepare my husband lunches for work unless he request me to, which hr usually doesn’t.10 signs you are a bad wife
  6. I don’t help my husband drive on long road trips. I really don’t like driving on busy highways and it gives me anxiety
  7. No ironing clothes-Can we go back to the clothes thing, I simply hate to iron clothes, so I don’t. My husband is great at ironing and does the ironing for the family.
  8.  My hair is not perfectly done everyday. Sorry, but guess what, I’m not perfect. *side note*  Ladies it is important, that both you and your mate look good for each other sometimes. Just had to throw that out there before you all blame me for messy hair.
  9. I don’t diminish myself… ever, to boost my husband up. If being a good wife means I have to feel like less of a person, then sign me up for being a bad wife.
  10. I have no problem leaving my kids with my husband when he is off, in fact I run out of the door and don’t look back. Stay at home homes need a break.

Hey girl thanks for reading, you probably are a wife, will be, or want to be. If you are reading this, just remember, there is no perfect recipe. But it’s good to be honest with each other, communicate well, and set the standards that work for your relationship. Also if you are married, there is nothing wrong with seeking help to help iron out kinks that may arise. Now tell me what makes you a “Bad Wife?”

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