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I always say if you have a dream, leap and grab it. why wait for someone to tell you, you can or for someone to tell you, you can't? I had the pleasure to cover the launch of the "FluffyGrlmovement." The event was to show what founder Ebbi Nicole had in mind when she envisioned her business. Her plan is to help those who are curvy work on body image and to be all around successful in life through mind and body. Ebbi Nicole is what I like to call a Curvy Coach (a curvy woman, helping other curvy women get through life with positive outlooks). Oh no girl, she doesn't just work on the inside , she helps with the out side as well. Say you don't know how to dress your body, Ebbi can help with that. She also offers an affordable work book to help you day to day feel amazing about your self and concur any body image issue you may have. In my opinion this is a great idea for the younger generation coming up, because we all know how mean our peers can be.

 Being a woman in this day is still hard but being a curvy woman with a little extra fluff can be even challenging in it self. That is why programs like these will help promote positivity and let women know to be healthy and  love that voluptuous behind. Seriously who really wants to go through life not loving themselves. Trust me when I tell you that's a dark place. But don't worry friends there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Find More about Ebbi Nicole's movement at empowerthefluf.com
​OH! and ps I can't forget to give you the tea on the name ,"Fluff." Well there is no tea tea. As comical as I experienced Ebbi's personality to be she wanted a name that was fun yet flattering while being socially conscious. She explains her encounter with a waitress who used the word to describe her self,and that's it, in a nut shell. *psssst* don't forget to grab her E-book Here​. Now keep  reading and we can get into some pictures of the event.

Well my friends we are going to close the post  here. Take away this:  Tell someone that they are beautiful and that you love them. It really helps us all to encourage each other and share what we have been given. peace, love and blessings...
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mom with her children
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It's that time of year again when we thank our mothers or anyone who has taken on the mother role, for all that they do. Also mothers like me look forward to this day more than Easter and Thanksgiving because this, my darling is the day I mostly request to be left in a room alone for a day. I tell my husband to take the kids and go and do anything. That is the best thing you can give a good mother...alone time. So if you haven't guessed by the title this is a mothers day gift guide. Don't worry it will be totally worth your time. As your fellow  stressed but happy mother I promise to give you the real deal.
1. Alone time:  As I  have already mentioned above, the number one thing I request every single year is to be left alone for a few hours. My husband's  career requires a lot of time and effort, which I am grateful for, but man does it get stressful with two kids in addition to taking care of our home and the many things I have my hands on. So I just simply request to sit quietly in my home with out hearing mommy mom, ma. I know what you are thinking, "I do that already," But truth is when the kids are gone you probably find other things to clean or organize or meals to prep while they are gone. Nope!! not me on this day I do nothing, and I enjoy it. So my recommendation is request or simply give yourself some "you time."
woman wearing bracelet and earrings
2. Getaway trip: Keeping with the  theme of mommy time sometimes if you can get away, even if it is in your city, spend your mother's day exploring  what your city has to offer. For example eating at your favorite restaurant or getting a recommendation for a new restaurant, museum, attraction, or festival with a friend will help to relax your mind a rejuvenate. If you are bold there is nothing wrong with doing some things alone. But a great gift idea to get or give is a quick trip to Vegas or your another city can be easily arranged with booking.com for another available weekend .Mother's day is a day that you are to honor your mother figure and to be honored. For me I make sure to spend my mornings with my children playing eating their breakfast and receiving with love their homemade gifts.
blue wooden chairs on sandy beach
3. Homemade Jars: I'm not a person that requires actual gifts on mothers day from my children but when they give things or if  I am giving something  it has to have meaning and to also be useful. Now a days you can find Jars for affordable prices and fill them or decorate them with anything you can think of. For example if you find a large enough jar, fill it with that person's favorite things. If they like make up, tie a ribbon around the jar, use some filler paper and add makeup and their favorite candy with a nice note.  The jar can be repurposed  and it has meaning and shows  thoughtfulness. You can also make a relaxing homemade body scrub found here on treehugger to fill the jars  to give a few weeks of relaxing baths.
jars with red ribbon
4. Encouraging  Jewelry: I must admit that I am a big softy sometimes. It's cool I have literally been this way my whole life. I am always in deep thought about something and girl, honestly it's probably not that deep.  Anyway  I personally always Like to be encouraged or see encouraging things around me.  I know other mother can relate when I say some time we just need a, "woosah" moment. So when I teamed up with MattiB, an amazing accessory company. I decided I wanted pieces with statements that said encouraging things to remind me throughout the day o stay calm and just live in the moment. *PAUSE* Can I just say that the customer service and the quality in which my items from MattiB were sent, was amazing  and professional. If you want to learn more about their company, please head over and check out their beautiful one of a kind pieces. *OK* back to Mother's day, in a nutshell you need these bracelets that I received in your everyday Life, Because, your kids will test your patients and you will want to pull out your hair. But don't do that because you are too cute for that. Get you something from MattiB to remind you to stay Calm and remember sharing is caring give one to your mom. I am sure you got on top of her last nerve even as an adult.
mattib bracelets
The beautiful packaging that my Jewelry was sent in from MattiB. Each bracelet has an inspirational message.
Whatever you do this mothers day, thank the one who is or who is like a mother to you. It truly takes a village to raise a child so choose your village wisely. Love your children and remember to take a break and gather your thoughts so you don't end up on CNN. 
​<3 To my Boys<3  My mommy loves you.
woman looking at child
mom and son smiling
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As I start to get older I crave quality over quantity and realize I should ethically hit another female growth spurt. I feel that women of a certain age should start to value things differently than they did when they were younger. This does not mean only material things, but honestly material things are included from time to time. In this life we cant get away from material things, But our focus should always be on things greater than materials.  Being smart about our life, family and money while wanting quality is something  I think women should now strive to attain .  For example, I saw a company called Mahi Leather and was intrigued by their business model. Something as simple as this leather company truly just put a piece of my own life into prospective. I am not just saying this because I like the company, I am saying this because in life you will observe and experience many things, but it's up to you to learn from the things around you. It is up to you to make a difference. It is up to you to demand quality in your life as a woman. If you are new to my blog  then you will learn that I am a thinker and I think in philosophical  patterns, which just simply means I like to find a lesson in everything I do, and put those things in prospective. I wanted to bring attention to this company which was the number one reason for me including them in this article. I  was  simply inspired  to do better as  woman to start to give back more. To consider others more in my everyday life. When you are going about your everyday life , stop observe and look around and ask yourself, "what can I do." when you are reading articles, take pieces from things to build a better life mental, physically, and spiritually. That's exactly what happened when just looking over this website. Mahi works to provide water to India giving $1.50 of every bag sold to Frank water to help provide water to now over 300,000 people. Helping others and sacrifice a piece of what you have in order to help your fellow brother or sister is an act we all should adapt because then those around us would not show any lack in terms of basic necessities. As a woman I am learning that having it all means nothing if those around you are struggling with something as simple as clean drinking water.

Frank Water
Photo from Mahi Leather's Facebook page.
Mahi Leather which is named after the river in India in which they donate to, creates one of a kind bags and other travel accessories. Each bag of many styles and designs are custom made to order including high quality zippers, buckles and padding. When it comes to leather you can't cut corners on quality because yo buy leather things so that it last for a very long time. As mention above I believe when you get  to a certain age quality becomes more important. But everyone knows how expensive quality and built to last leather can cost in this day in age. Mahi Leather completely cuts out the middle man and gives you quality by not having a bunch of lather bags stocked but only is made when you order.
mahi leather in Vogue
You think because their prices for an amazing leather bag is too good to be true so it may not be worth it. Check out this company feathered all over social media with great reviews and in your favorite popular magazines. Support this company because of their cause, quality and kind reviews and know that you are worth quality not just quantity. Learn to give back because that is the ultimate fulfillment for the giver and recipient. As Women it is up to use to demand quality in our lives and share with one another what we have learned from ur knowledge and also acts of service.

Mahi leather bag
For more Informationa and to purchase your very own One of a kind Leather bag follow them on social media and visit them on the web.
​Website: www.mahileather.com

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spring cleaning, purple flowers
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*This post does contain gifted items, all opinions and reviews are those of my own and I always give my honest review.
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​Ugh can you believe that winter is almost over? Thank God because living in the Mid- west with the cold temperatures and lack of vitamin D in my skin is really starting to play with my mental stability. But with gorgeous sun and warmer temperatures coming in the next couple of months, makes it clear that everything you have stored and gathered like a bear in hibernation is all coming to light. Cabinets now have to be thoroughly wiped, and everything that  you tossed way back in the back of the cabinet needs to also be organized. So I got in the mood to get my Kitchen together because the sun peeked through my window one day and it gave me a pep in my step. For me this is only the, "pre-game" before the actually purge of my annual spring cleaning.
I have two little boys and they are the messiest humans when it comes to my kitchen, so you will never know what you may find hiding in a corner or plastered on a wall. I have to make sure I am on top of their mess or it will consume me. Using a standard cleaner that you buy in the store works but girl, I have found and made a magic potion to make your kitchen sparkle. Ok it's not really magic but when you finish cleaning it sure will feel like it.
So the first thing I did was Clean all of my cabinets,  the doors, hinges, and the sides that you can't see. The cleaning solution I made cut my cleaning time in half. I also found that if you use a micro fiber towel and a soft scrubber it makes the job of cleaning more effective  and also cuts the time. I know you are waiting on the solution recipe, so I won't make you wait any longer.

​Her Life On Purpose's Magic Solution:
​+ Disclaimer: Use as much or as little as  you need depending on the amount you have to clean.

​1/4 Cup Dish detergent.
​1/4 Cup Apple cider vinegar (regular vinegar should work)
​4 tablespoons of lemon juice.
​10 cups of  warm water or just fill your bowl or container.
​Add in container and stir.
​As mentioned above use a micro Fiber towel for best cleaning.
Truth be told I am great at cleaning my counters, so in most cases they will  have this after affect, but this took less time and has a slight shine on my wood  and leather stools. I love the way the solution works. Ok, Ok, yes there are different versions of this solution but I like mine the best(wink wink).
Lastly After wiping down my counters I organized my cabinets by using YouCopia's organization systems to start to get my kitchen in order. After going through a long winter of throwing things in the cabinet from being so busy I decide to try YouCopia's Lid Holders found HERE to organize my messy lids.
I like the Lid holder Because it is easy to put together and keeps my lids in an upright neat position. This causes them not to take up to much space, so when I was them I can simply put them back in the slot with no fuss.
How annoyed do you get with your bowls and lids in your cabinet that are always sliding all over the place?. YouCopia makes a solution with their Storastack that I love because it keeps everything in on place. This is also easy to put together because all you have to do is snap the stands depending on your bowl size. I have to say I don't like the fact that the side where your bowls go should be bigger to house more bowls. You can buy two to fix that problem since they are affordable. Find your own StoraStack HERE.
​YouCopia was gracious enough to supply my readers with a chance to win Some of there products. To enter is very Simple. Just follow the link to enter and there is no purchase necessary. What do you have to lose besides clutter?

​ Click below to enter, at this time only open to US residents and giveaway ends March 14th.

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Women deal with tons of problems everyday and use hacks to hide things we don't want others to see, especially when it comes to our body and the way we view ourselves. When we view ourselves we are too short, too tall, too skinny , or too fat. Then we look at our  hair to make sure it lays perfectly in place, we can sometimes spend hours in the bathroom trying to figure out if we have the right shade of lipstick. There are many vain beauty secrets and hacks that go into the presentable women you see around you today. Some men have not one clue of the things we do in the confinement of our closet and bathroom. But I  recently watched the daytime television show, "The Real," and the girls gave a peek inside the world of struggles women go through to keep the things under our clothes together, It was their version of their own crazy wacky hacks. One host stated that she used tape to keep her boobs from moving out of place in a formal dress. Placing the tape under her boob and strapping the other end of the tape to her back. Crazy right? Well I am no different even though I don't think my hacks are too crazy I wanted to share with you my love for A line skirts, Why?, because ladies(come closer, read carefully) this is a sure way to hide your belly without needing extra support garments if you don't want them. It doesn't matter what size you are, sometimes it just appears a woman's weight sometimes goes straight to her midsection.

the real talk show
Photo From: thereal.com

My favorite black high waisted A line skirt, I gave two looks. Here is the thing about this look, an A-line shape is intended to go away from the body, and when you add an high waisted element, it gives you a waist line and gives your body more shape. So I parried my skirt with  two different looks. One look is a fun sophisticated look with a play on a combat boot for both looks. The boots make the look young and fresh. I added the black and white stripped blouse to give texture, keep reading to see why. The second look is for my spicy ladies, and if you are like me, you are both, spicy and sophisticated. *side note,* to all my plus size beauties, dressing your body is not boring or hard, just make sure everything fits and know the right places for garments to lay, One of my favorite plus size divas, who just get's it right is  GabiFresh, check her out for more inspiration on how to dress your body.   But we will talk about that in another post, the point is, have fun be you and push the fashion limits a little if you dare.

​About the looks:


Look Number One:
​Blouse: Black and white stripped long sleeved blouse- My favorite thing to take the attention off of my belly is using an oversized shirt or blouse and then tying it to shape my body instead of the other way around. This is a great tip if you have lost weight, just can't find your perfect size, or you don't have time to get it tailored.

Tie your blouse at the waist where your skirt meets your waist to add proportion to your body. And ladies please don't be afraid to accessorize, like I did with this hat. 
Look Number two:
I love playing with color and stepping outside the norm. I saw this mustard knit sweater in a thrift store one day and immediately my life was fulfilled because it was a beautiful color and someone personally hand knit it. I decided to pair with this crop top from Forever 21 to and dimension and color.
Plus Crop top. Black skirt
Don't Forget to accessorize Darling, you are so worth it...
Special Thanks to my friend Diana for helping with photography and makeup. Find out more about her in my "Her spotlight" section,

Sharing is Caring:

<![CDATA[How to eat healthy with flavor and portion control...]]>Wed, 25 Jan 2017 14:00:00 GMThttp://herlifeonpurpose.com/home/eating-healthy-with-portion-control
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*The product mentioned was sent for me to review, all opinions are my own and are my honest views on the product,  The gift of this product in no way alters how I view the product given.
  Eating healthy is not a struggle for me, but it does come in waves which is extremely annoying. I can go weeks eating the right things and feeing good about how my body feels and then bam,  a burger and pizza is calling my name and all of my hard work goes down the drain because now I have triggered a spark for more greasy unhealthy goodness. I said I would be honest so I'm just letting you know how it goes. The happens to most people trying to go down the right path to freedom of healthy living. Honestly most people also have the misconception that healthy food is simply not good. But I was on a mission to find meals that were good to me and create  longevity of healthy eating. for me I had to create a slow transition. For example,think about the things you already like eating and then come up with a plan to make better options, Yes, I said a plan, anything you want to be successful at you have to put your mind and time into.  Even though it's still a task to resist the not so healthy options, I do pick and choose my battles wisely, lets face it I am from the south and the south is the happy place of fried everything. but I only indulge as a treat for my hard work with ONE meal for that day, preferably an early dinner.  I try to go for early because it gives my food enough time to digest and I choose dinner because its the last meal and the day is almost over. Afterwards I pull myself to the side to give me a pep talk, here is how that goes, "Eb, girl, we have a goal, and this piece of fried chicken will not get you there. Put the chicken down and make your tasty baked  hot honey mustard glazed chicken." In that recipe I use agave instead of honey, I just tell my self it's honey, the taste is amazing.  Are you licking your fingers at the thought or what? So far this has been working for me a great deal, switching out something that's not healthy and replacing it with something with so much flavor that I would prefer the healthy over the fried chicken. My palate has evolved so much and now most days this is second nature for me. I wanted to share a few of the meals I eat for lunch, These are my quick go to meals in a time crunch. I don't understand boring food, it never processed in my mind and I have no idea how people eat it. The world is full of possibilities including food. My good friends over a Planetbox supplied me with a their amazing lunchbox set and it helps me so much with portion control. I don't even leave the house some days and still use it to help with portions. Ladies always remember to take care of the inside of your body as well as the outside. I have learned that you only get one chance at life and the body you have, make it count and do your best.

Wou1d you like your own Planetbox set? Find them Here.
​                                                                                 xoxo, Ebony

PlanetBox Review
PlanetBox features many magnetic designs to decorate the front of your box. I choose this design because I can use it and so can my family without it being too gender specific.
PlanetBox stainless steel lunch box set.
Along with the red caring bag pictured in the above pictures, you have the option of including a stainless Steel drinking bottle and two bowls to complete your set.
Planetbox Bottle.  Lemon infused water
Iced Lemon water is my favorite drink to fill my bottle with, sometimes when I want a treat I add crystal light to make lemonade.
My first Lunch Idea includes: vegan quinoa "meat"balls, (these are great browned to create a crust). Also Creamy broccoli cheddar soup, fresh broccoli and light fat free ranch and apple slices.
planetbox shiritaki noodles
Second Lunch Idea includes pasta zero which is shirataki noodles, it comes in a small back 15 calories of two servings this is both servings. I use cucumber and pepper. Some days I add shrimp or chicken. I like to top it with honey ginger sauce and eat it at room temperature. before I place it in my box I boil it quickly let it cool and then pack it. Along with this meal I have a 1/2 cup of veggie soup and sliced apples and oranges with a honey lemon drizzle. (yummy!).
Lastly, one of my favorite simple lunches is chive and onion cream cheese turkey rollup, 1/4 cup cheese crackers, cucumber slices and the fruit salad mixture in the previous picture. For m its balanced and I get the salty and sweet components I like in my meals. I only pray to get better but this is a great start in my opinion, What are your favorite meal options?
Cute baby boy
My son was inspired..... (he loves making cameos when the camera is out)